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18 injured as plane slips off runway in Russia

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Russia: According to the information given by a ministry, in an incident that took place in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi injured at least 18 passengers on board on a plane after it skidded off the runway and caught fire during landing.

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The incident occurred at 2.59 a.m., when a Boeing 737 plane of Russia’s Utair airline en route from Moscow to Sochi with 164 passengers and six crew members on board skidded off the runway, and ended up on the bank of a river, the statement said.

The plane’s landing gear and one of its wings were damaged, while the left engine caught fire. All passengers were safely evacuated. The fire has been put out, media agency quoted the statement as saying.

The injured, included three children.

Russia’s aviation authorities and Utair have launched a probe.

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