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2 Children killed, 2 injured following dam collapses in Maharashtra’s Uran

Two children lost their lives after a dam collapsed in Maharashtra's Raigad district, authorities informed on Monday.

By: Ruchi Upadhyay  Pardaphash Group
2 Children killed, 2 injured following dam collapses in Maharashtra’s Uran

Raigad: In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in the serene landscape of Maharashtra’s Raigad district, a moment of play turned tragic for four children near Dhutum village in Uran taluka. The collapse of a local dam, which was presumably a safe and normal structure, became the center of a tragic tale, resulting in the death of two innocent people and casting a pall of grief over the community. Uran senior police inspector Satish Nikam confirmed the heart-wrenching details of the incident, which is a day of loss and reflection for the residents of Raigad.

In the middle of their game, four children find themselves trapped in a wreck, a situation that no parent or guardian ever wants to face. The rescue operation that followed was like a race against time, with local officials and community members coming together to save the trapped children.

Amidst the chaos and debris, two children were rescued, a testament to the resilience and quick action of responders. These survivors, although safe now, were hospitalized due to injuries they sustained during the tragic incident. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital. “Two have been evacuated and admitted to the hospital for treatment, while two children have died after being buried under the debris of the dam,” informed Satish Nikam, Senior Police Inspector, Uran.

After the dam collapse in Raigarh, there is a period of mourning but also of serious investigation. The community and authorities alike are left to contemplate the factors behind the collapse, seeking answers and accountability to ensure the safety of their children and the integrity of their infrastructure. As the investigation continues, this incident serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative to protect the environments where our children learn, play and grow.

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