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21-Year-old Sikh student turban torn, dragged by hair on Canada street

21-year-old Sikh student from India attacked in Canada, his turban ripped off and dragged across the sidewalk by his hair.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Toronto: In yet another shocking incident, A 21-year-old Indian Sikh student has been attacked in Canada’s British Columbia province. Unknown people beat him up and tore his turban. It has been told that the student was dragged on the footpath by holding his hair. The name of the student is Gagandeep Singh. He has been attacked when he was going to his house at night. Regarding the incident, councilor Mohini Singh says that as soon as she heard about it, she went to meet Gagandeep.

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According to Mohini Singh, she got scared on seeing Gagandeep as he was having trouble even speaking. He could only speak in a low voice and could not even open his mouth. Due to the beating, his eyes were very swollen and he is in a lot of pain. The councilor was told that Gagandeep had gone out at night to buy groceries. Was returning home at around 10.30 pm.

He told that while returning home, Gagandeep was attacked by 12 to 15 people in the bus. All these miscreants were present in the bus and were continuously throwing wigs. Angered by this, Gagandeep told him not to do this, otherwise he would call the police. However, the miscreants did not agree and kept throwing the wig. At last Gagandeep got down from the bus. After this, the mischievous elements also got off the bus behind him.

According to the report, the councilor was told that the miscreants surrounded Gagandeep as soon as the bus left and set out to kill him. Hit him fiercely and pulled his turban. After this, he dragged her by holding her hair. Pushed him on the dirty snow lying on the roadside and took the turban with him. Taking away the turban is a very wrong thing. He felt as if he had won a trophy.

Gagandeep, lying in the snow, called his friend after regaining consciousness. He then came to the scene and dialed 911. Gagandeep’s friends and students from outside countries are very scared due to this incident. They have gathered at the bus stop and told that they are feeling extremely insecure at this time.

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