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JULY 11-17, 2022      


You’re keen to rush things and speak bluntly but don’t barge in with Full Moon guns blazing! If you do, then you could end up smack bang in the middle of a fiery argument. It is a suitable week to tackle domestic and professional projects. Just make sure you finish details properly before you embark on exciting new ventures. Your motto is from birthday great, philosopher Henry David Thoreau. “Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping.”

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This week the Full Moon activates your adventure zone. Plus Mars and Uranus (which are transiting through your sign) urge you to jump out of your comfort zone, shake off bad habits, embrace opportunities and fast track changes. It’s time to view transformation as terrific, rather than terrifying! Be inspired by birthday great, actor Harrison Ford (who turns 80 on Wednesday), “We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.”


Venus is vamping through your sign, which boosts your Gemini charisma and sense of fun. So it’s a wonderful week to turn up the charm and call in a few old favours. However, too much happy hilarity (and no action) will just annoy others (who are doing all the work). So try to walk your talk. The weekend is a good time to make a splash on social media or learn something new. But resist the urge to be the neighbourhood nosey-parker and spread salacious gossip. 


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The Sun and Mercury are both moving through your sign, which boosts your creativity … and your moodiness. And there’s a Full Moon in your relationship zone on Wednesday night. Time to look after loved ones, and nurture your inner self via meditation, contemplation and relaxation. Your quote for the week is from fellow Crab, actress Selena Gomez “I’m such a Cancer. I feel everything so intensely, which is one of my favourite things about myself.”


The more stubborn (or arrogant) you are, the more likely you’ll get drawn into an argument, either in person or online. And do you sometimes feel stuck in a mind-numbing rut? It’s a wonderful week to rev up your usual routine. Be a bold and brave Lion, as you turf your daily timetable and go on a spontaneous adventure. Be inspired by birthday great, writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau “Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventures.”


Mercury (your ruling planet) and the Sun pair up in moody Cancer, so your obsessive/compulsive side could crank up and take over. However, if you sweat the small stuff, you’ll end up feeling tired and emotional (and exhausted) by the end of the week. Perhaps it’s time to de-stress, as you sample a session of meditation or try a spot of yoga? You might just enjoy it! Wednesday is fabulous for matters involving work, business and finance.


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Expect some tension as the Full Moon stirs up old grievances with a family member or a work colleague. By all means use your natural diplomatic skills to help smooth troubled waters. If you sit back and let others make decisions, then you’ll just feel powerless. So strive to be more self-sufficient. Getting the ratio right between your public and private lives is an ongoing challenge. But if anyone can juggle complex commitments, it’s a well-balanced Libran!


This week you’ll be given the chance to heal an old emotional wound or patch up a relationship problem. Don’t let false Scorpio pride stop you from taking a leap forward when it comes to love and forgiveness. Accept the opportunity gratefully, with outstretched hands and an open heart. Neighbourhood activities and international connections are favoured mid-week, when the Full Moon encourages you to be community-minded, curious and kind.


The focus is on financial matters, as the Full Moon and Mercury stir up your spontaneous spending gene. Which is OK – as long as you have the cash flow to fund a shopping spree. If you don’t, then you’ll have to entertain yourself in more frugal ways. Finances and friends are a particularly messy mix, so strive to keep the two well separated. Your motto for the week is from birthday great, writer Henry David Thoreau “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”


Wednesday night’s Full Moon is in your sign. So relationship dramas are likely, unless you can slip out of fussy Capricorn control-freak mode and instead, try the gentle art of compromise. Other people are acting as a mirror, reflecting back negative personal traits that you may have been unaware of. So use these experiences to work on your weaknesses – and build on your strengths. As always, calm cooperation is the key to interpersonal harmony. 

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Bohemian Aquarians are free spirits and you could go missing in action this week, as the Full Moon boosts your tendency to detach or run away from difficult situations. Heading for the hills or escaping into a private fantasy land seems appealing but the current problems will still be waiting when you return. So you need to get the balance right between dealing with daily challenges when they occur, and retreating into your own wild and wacky inner world.


You could bump into an old friend, discover long-forgotten love-letters, or re-connect with a former flame. But are you living in Pollyanna Land? Just remember – memories are so seductive because they’re so selective. You intuitively know what is right for you – even though you may appear confused to others. Welcome to Planet Pisces! Don’t let loved ones (from the past or present) push you around or persuade you to do something you don’t believe in. 

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