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5 Amazing health benefits of sesame seed: Study

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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5 Amazing health benefits of sesame seed: Study

Health benefits of Sesame seed: The sesame plant grows in tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, and South America. People cultivate it for its edible seeds, which are a popular addition to many dishes all over the world.

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The sesame plant, Sesamum indicum, produces seeds that contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Sesame seeds also provide calcium, B vitamins, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

There are three types of mole due to color difference, white, red and black. In Ayurveda, mainly white and black sesame are described, but according to botanical science, only white and black sesame get the name. In Ayurveda, the properties and medicinal uses of these two are considered to be different. Black sesame is considered more important for medicinal use than white. But sesame should be used sparingly. Because if it goes too much in your body then its damage also becomes serious. That is why today here we are giving you information about the benefits of sesame and everything related to sesame seeds so that your body can get maximum benefits of eating sesame seeds.

# Helps in Absorption of iron

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Sesame seeds are rich in iron and copper. They help your body absorb iron. Sesame seeds are very useful in diseases like arthritis. Also, massaging with sesame oil provides relief to arthritis patients.

# Useful for Bones

The benefits of white sesame for bones are many. Because sesame seeds are rich in calcium. Apart from this, sesame also contains manganese, iron, phosphorus, group B vitamins and fiber. We all know that calcium plays an important role in bone nutrition. Also, the zinc present in sesame helps in removing the fragility of your bones. Therefore, sesame seeds are very useful for nourishing and strengthening your bones.

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# Warm in winter

You must be aware that sesame is consumed regularly during Makar Sankranti. Sesame seeds are hot, so sesame seeds do an important job of protecting your body from cold. That’s why we have a long tradition of eating sesame seeds on Makar Sankranti. People who are suffering from extreme cold should consume sesame during the cold season. It is very beneficial for them to consume things made of sesame in winter. In such a situation, take half a teaspoon of sesame and drink lukewarm water on it. This keeps the body warm.

# Useful for Good sleep

In today’s time, sleeplessness has become a common problem. By consuming sesame, energy is transmitted in the body. Also, if you massage with sesame oil, then you get good sleep. By the way, along with eating sesame, there are also benefits of sesame oil.

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# Treat Anemia

A good amount of iron is found in sesame. Due to this property, it proves helpful in treating anemia. Not only anemia, but other diseases caused by iron deficiency in the body can also be treated with the use of sesame seeds.

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