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5 Dating Tips For Single Women In Their 20s

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The dating world in the day and age that we live in is, well, harsh, to say the very least. With dating apps making it so easy to get “rejected”, people’s morale seems to be at an all-time low. But is dating really that bad, or do we just overthink it? Everyone seems to want to be in a relationship, but putting yourself out there can be scary. For single women, somehow, even more so.

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Ladies, here are some dating tips that will hopefully help you!

1. Embrace Your Singlehood And Use It Well

Have a good think about what you aim to achieve by dating someone. Are you looking for something casual? Do you want a serious commitment? Are you looking to be with someone you could marry? Think about it good and proper and understand whether what you’re getting into will be worth your time and effort. Your alone or single time is important here because that’s when you can truly take the time to understand yourself and what you want in a partner and from life. Your single time should be all about improving yourself and should not be wasted fearing what the future holds.

2. Do Not Jump Into A Relationship

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Unless you’ve met the person enough times and taken your time to understand them, suggesting a relationship should be out of the question. Take your time, think about the pros and cons of being in a relationship with the person in question and then make a decision. Remember, a relationship and the person you choose to be in a relationship with will take up a lot of space in your life – so make an informed decision.

3. Do Not Waste Endless Hours Trying To Mind Read

Okay, so you met a guy and you guys really hit it off. It’s been a day or two and you haven’t heard from him. If you liked him enough, drop him a text. It doesn’t need to be a text complaining to him about not reaching out to you. Just a simple “Hi, how are you” will suffice. It’ll also give him a little bit of a boost if that’s what he needs. Sitting in your room and thinking about the million different reasons why he isn’t getting in touch will not help! You’re not a mind reader, you can’t guess what he’s thinking. The simplest solution is always just to ask or make the initiative yourself.

4. Don’t Make It Your Life’s Mission To Be In A Relationship

It’s not completely mind-boggling that you want to be in a relationship in your 20s. Especially if you’re the only single one out of your friends. It is natural to want companionship and just someone you can share the little things in life with. However, don’t make finding “the one” your life’s mission. There is more to life, we assure you. Just go on doing your thing and making yourself better in every way that you can. Do the things you love and somewhere along the way you will find “the one”!

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5. Make The Best You Can Of Your Dating Opportunities!

Dating is not as scary a word as it is deemed. It is actually a really exciting opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Even out of the worst date, if nothing else, at least you can get a great story! You may not end up with everyone you meet for a date, obviously, but sometimes, you can end up making a good friend. So just try and enjoy the experience and do not stress about it. You’ll be just fine!

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