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5 Simple Makeup Tips for Girls with Dry Skin in Winter

By Priyanka Verma 
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Dry skin is a pain to live with and with winter right at your doorstep, your skin must be fretting! And while you can try covering yourself with layers of clothing; winter, without a doubt, will make your skin more dry, flaky and dull.

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And if like us, you too are a makeup junkie, then you will need to care that much more for your skin in winter! But don’t worry—it is possible to continue with all your makeup even when your skin is super dry. And to help you do just that, we’ve collated 5 on-point simple makeup tips that come very handy for girls with dry skin.

1. Prepare your skin well before applying makeup:
The first and foremost thing to do while starting to get ready is to prep your skin. And if you’re suffering from extra dry skin, it’s the most important step. Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer and massage it deep into your skin. This prepares your skin for the makeup and acts as a layer between the makeup and your skin. Don’t forget to apply your lip balm as well.

2.Choose dewy over matte formulations:
Matte foundations, no matter how tempting and high-end quality will make your skin even drier. When you apply foundation in an effort to hide all the problem areas, it can often accentuate those dry patches and end up looking weirdly cakey. So if you have dry skin, go for dewy formulations and serum based foundation, as they don’t further dry your skin and keep it looking radiant and hydrated.

3. Avoid using too many powder products:
Powder products are a big no-no if you have dry skin. They soak the natural oils of your skin, stick to the dry patches and make your skin look even more flaky, cakey and dry. Switch to cream and serum based products instead!

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4.Pay attention to your skincare regimen:
Girls, your skincare is very important. Always remember, your makeup will look only as good as your skin does. Never neglect your skin care routine. Make sure you CTM daily, scrub your face once a week and apply skin serums too.

5.Lightweight coverage works the best:
Opting for foundations and concealers with lightweight and medium coverage is an ideal thing to do if you have dry skin. Heavy and full coverage products often look cakey and patchy on dry skin, and it is difficult to blend them seamlessly into your skin.

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