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5 Times Salman Khan Lashed Out at Contestants in Bigg Boss

By PP Team 
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Salman Khan is celebrating his birthday today. On the occasion of his birthday, let’s talk a bit about one of the most controversial Indian television reality game shows, Bigg Boss, which is hosted by Salman for years now. The actor’s decade-long association makes him almost synonymous to the popular reality show. The house of Bigg Boss is a hub of drama of sorts. In addition to friendships, drama, romance and arguments, the show has its fair share of ugly fights. The controversies keep changing with seasons but often cause a buzz in the viewers.

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Salman who speaks to the contestants from across the screen bridges the gap between the housemates and the audience. He often reminds the participants to follow the rules and maintain peace and also brings some comic element to the show.

However, there are times when some activities of certain contestants test Salman’s patience. Here are some face-off moments when Salman Khan lashed out on the housemates.

Priyanka Jagga

She entered the 10th season of the show as a commoner and more often than not annoyed the rest of the housemates. Her abusive behaviour not only annoyed the participants in the house but even infuriated Salman. During a nasty clash in the season, Salman got so exhausted of Priyanka’s temperaments that he said he will quit hosting the show if Priyanka does not exit the show.

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Zubair Khan

During Bigg Boss 11, Zubair Khan called his co-contestants Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra derogatory and horrible names. In the fight, Zubair made nasty remarks on Arshi’s character. Zubair’s misbehaviour led to Salman blasting at him. Salman was angry at Zubair and lashed out at him for using foul language in the house and misbehaving with the women.

Imam Siddiqui

Celeb designer and casting director Imam managed to rake in extra views for the show with his attitude. He particularly irked host Salman on one occasion. Imam tried to make tall claims that he helped the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta to become stars and reach the peak of their career. Salman lost his cool at Imam when he told him Time Out. He told Imam and others that Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta owe it to their hard work for their success.

Kushal Tandon

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While there cannot be just one incident as Kushal Tandon often stood on the host’s hit list of face-offs. At one time when Kushal engaged in an ugly spat with Tanishaa Mukerjee, he was asked by Salman to apologise. The fight turned into a heated brawl and Kushal had to face the brunt of Salman‘s anger

Kushal’s arrogant behaviour towards other contestants was one of the main reasons why he had to deal with Salman’s wrath on many occasions.

Swami Om

Easily one of the most controversial figures in the history of Bigg Boss, Swami Om triggered Salman’s anger and got into his bad books for his disgusting conduct. During his stay, the Bigg Boss 10 contestant indulged in verbal fights and also disgusting physical brawls. He often posed derogatory remarks towards the female contestants, and stripped off his clothes. The Bigg Boss 10 contestant not only had verbal fights, but even indulged in disgusting physical brawls. There were many occasions when the actor lost his cool but not as much when Swami Om peed on Bani during a task. His actions led to his immediate eviction.

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