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 5 ways of effective parenting: Know what successful parents do for their kids

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Successful parents teach their kids the true meaning of comfort, by being true to themselves. One way they achieve this is by parenting for the child only ND not parenting to impress an audience e.g. relatives, colleagues, friends.

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-There are many inspiring things that successful parents do for their kids. But, no matter how much money you make or value you produce; trust me you are never going to feel enough. This race will very gradually lead to emotionally crippled children at home. Fulfilment in life will come not from collecting more things. It comes from feeling more love. One of the best gifts that a father can give to his child is to love the child’s mother. If the eye of the child sees a great relationship between the parents- it is half job done. 

-I probably can’t stress enough on the importance of a good reading habit & a hunger for traveling. Parents who give their children a good reading habit (& I do not mean Chicklit fiction by reading habit) & teach them how to travel – have already ensured that no matter what, their kids will grow up to be able to take care of themselves really well. 

-OK ! Let me ask you a few questions:- ‘How many sunrises did you see with your child?’, ‘How many hours in a week do you play with him/ her whatsoever your routines might be’, ‘Have you danced in the rain, played in the mud, pool, climbed a tree, cooked together or danced together as a family’? Spending quality time with your children is the best gift you can give them. 

-Successful parents understand and hence initiate an environment of discussing things with their kids early on. This early onset ensures that the kids grow up to appreciate the value of ‘talking things out’ – a very important lesson in communication.

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-There was a study which found that gratitude was the single most powerful emotion that made people happier than what they were before. But surprisingly, a lot of us are really thankless people. We complain & crib and often fail to see the good that we have. A kid who understands the importance of thank you is thankful for a lot of things in life. He knows how to count his blessings and find a way to make peace with himself / herself even in the toughest of situations.

Children begin to develop their sense of self as a child when they see themselves through the eyes of their parents. Your children absorb the tone of your voice, your gestures and your every body language. Your words and actions as a parent affect their developing self-esteem more than anything.

Praising achievements, no matter how small, will make them feel proud; Letting children work independently will make them feel capable and strong. Conversely, undermining comments or comparing one child adversely with another will make children feel worthless. They inflict damage just as they inflict physical blows.

Choose your words carefully and be kind. Tell your kids that everyone makes mistakes and that you still love them, even if you don’t love their behavior.

How to deal with stress? 

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Child care for working mothers is the most tough job. 

(Fiction story)

I am joining back work!!

Who wilL take care of my child!!! 

Should I quit my job!!! 

First of all congratulations to all the working moms who leave their baby behind and go to work.

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Stay at home moms, salute to you guys, you are irreplaceable.  You are doing amazing work.

Here is an inspirational story of a successful woman:

“So I got a government job in a rural area in March 2018. Miraya was only 4 months old. I could not leave the job at any cost. My mom was also working, so she couldn’t help much in this matter. Many people told me to quit my job and just take care of the child. Once Miraya grew up I can work and earn anyway.

But, it is not only about earning right!! I decided to take the job, and left everything to fate.

I was rock at the time, didn’t know I had got so much strength. I literally took little Miraya to my hospital for a whole month. It was a hot summer day, there was no fan at my workplace. I used to fan Miraya with the newspaper throughout the day. I was his only nurse there. I used to put him to sleep on a table. Even today if I think of those days, tears come to my cheeks.  I didn’t know what was going to come next, didn’t know I’d leave Miraya, I don’t know anything but I believed in God.” 

“After a month, the lockdown hit us, but it was a boon for me 🙏  My mother came to take care of Miraya 🙏  when I went out to work. Later, after much struggle I found a good Nanny (care taker) for Miraya before the lockdown was released. Now my prince is 3 years old.” 

All this while I learned things hard way some of which were:

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-Always believe in urself 

-Trust Your instincts

-Count your stars

-Angels will come to you and your baby 

-Don’t give up your passion

-We all have lots of strength that we don’t know about.

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