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7 Amazing benefits of neem powder for skin: Study

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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7 Amazing benefits of neem powder for skin: Study

Neem powder for skin: Neem (Azadirachta indica) is an evergreen tree with a well-earned reputation for being the most potent medicinal flora in the world. The neem tree is known in Ayurveda as nature’s pharmacy. The tree grows predominantly in the Indian subcontinent but is now being cultivated in similar climates all over the world as people are beginning to recognize its usefulness.

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This powdered formulation of Neem can be used for internal and external use with an excellent shelf life. Neem powder for the face is a perfect example of the external use of organic neem powder. Except for various benefits of neem powder in healthcare, neem powder also has numerous benefits for your hair and skin.

#Neem Powder for Skin Care

The benefits of neem leaves powder include reducing acne, scars, blackheads, and whiteheads. Organic neem powder is also beneficial in smoothening the skin, reducing oiliness, and whitening the skin. Face masks, face packs, and such are also regarded as popular uses of neem powder for the face.

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#Neem Powder for Acne Marks

Organic neem powder for the face mixed with water and applied to the face helps in reducing acne and acne scars. Neem powder for acne is the most important and famous use of neem powder.

#Lightening of Skin Blemishes

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Organic neem powder is used for lightening the skin’s blemishes. When a mixture of neem leaves powder, sandalwood powder, and tulsi powder is applied to the face, it purifying your skin through the numerous anti-microbial benefits.

#Moisturizing Properties

Did you know that the moisturizing properties of neem powder for the face also count as potential benefits of neem powder? An application of Neem leaves powder along with your favorite essential oil acts as a moisturizer by supplementing your skin with ample benefits of neem powder along with soothing, aromatic properties of your favorite essential oil.

#Delaying Aging Skin

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With the immense benefits of neem powder for the face and its anti-aging and regenerative properties, organic neem powder helps fight the pathogens under the skin’s surface, resulting in keeping the skin supple and soft. Neem leaves powder can reduce the effects of aging when applied to the face through a face-pack and thus gets counted under the numerous Neem leaves powder benefits.

#Neem Powder for Dark Spots

Organic neem powder acts as a moisturizing agent and helps reduce pigmentation of the skin. A thick paste of neem powder and water, when applied around the eyes for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes, helps in curing the dark circle problem and gets listed in the potential benefits of neem powder for the face.

#Neem Powder for Skin Whitening

The numerous antioxidants present in organic neem powder offers potential benefit and helps in reducing the production of melanin in your skin, thereby providing the essential help to even out your skin tone. A mixture of neem powder blended with papaya paste, when applied to the skin as a face-pack, helps in exfoliating the skin and reducing melanin production, thus whitening and toning out your skin.

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