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8 Everyday habits that can make you age faster: Study

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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8 Everyday habits that can make you age faster: Study

Habits that can make you age faster: If following a healthier lifestyle to look healthier and more importantly younger, which includes reducing the amount you smoke, clocking in a sufficient amount of sleep, eating healthy, amidst a whole lot of other rules and regulations sounds like a daunting task (like it does for the most of us), we have news for you.

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While expensive creams and serums do their bit, the best investment lies in the adjustments we make in our lives and daily routines that can make us look far younger than what our age might suggest.

1. Low-fat diets

To prevent wrinkles it is essential to consume omega-3 fatty acids that help keep skin supple and smooth. A low-fat diet deprives us of this component, causing premature aging of the skin.

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2. Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side, with your face squashed into the pillow, causes and increases wrinkles on the cheeks and chin. Experts say that sleeping flat on your back is the best position to sleep and stay young, fresh, and rested.

3. Using sun protection only on vacation

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Overexposure to UV rays is the main cause of premature skin aging. To protect yourself from the sun’s harsh effects it’s important to wear your sunscreen even when it’s cloudy because clouds block as little as 20% of UV rays.

4. Overusing your heating system

Excessive use of artificial heating makes your indoor air very dry. Your skin and hair become dry too, and you get more wrinkles as a result. Try to keep the heat lower in your house.

5. Saying no to sugar

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We all know sugar is bad for us, but so is stress, and sometimes you have to give yourself a treat and surrender to your sweet tooth if this is what makes you happy.

6. Watching too much TV

One study found that for every hour you spend watching TV your life expectancy decreases by 22 minutes. Experts recommend that whether you’re on the couch or sitting at your desk, you get up every half hour to walk.

7. Lack of sleep

Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep not only results in looking tired but also shortens your life. Experts recommend going to bed earlier if you perceive a lack of energy, mental slowness, or weight gain.

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8. Stress due to lack of organization

Several studies have shown that chronic stress causes serious damage to the cells, which may speed up the aging process. Do not get bogged down, forget the saying ‘leave for tomorrow what you can do today,’ and try to get everything done on time.

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