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“A marathon, not a sprint but….”: UK wildlife photographer, 59, runs Everest Marathon in tiger suit

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Everest Marathon: A wildlife photographer from the United Kingdom climbed the Everest Marathon on the last Sunday of May wearing a tiger suit. He has done this with the aim of raising money for the endangered Bengal tiger. Paul Goldstein has taken this difficult decision himself so that he can help save Tiger. He is just 59 years old.

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Goldstein has shared a video clip on his Twitter account in which he is seen trekking with a Tiger suit. He meets people along the way in his own style and continues to move forward, with Goldstein tweeting that “the Everest Marathon is more of a marathon, not a sprint, but a halfway point.”

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In another video clip, Goldstein can be heard saying before the start of the marathon, “Is this a foolish escape to Everest? Maybe yes. This is going to be extremely difficult. Now we have gone all the way. We have to run a marathon on it. It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be challenging.” Through the video, Goldstein has also thanked the people who donated for this.

In the post, Goldstein is heard saying, “Is this the most challenging job I’ve ever done? Yes. Do people look at me with this look- ‘What on earth are you doing at your age?’ Yes, they do. What difference does it make? Yes, because tigers are not being culled at the border right now. They are still being culled.”

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According to Goldstein’s website, Goldstein has so far earned more than £200,000 through the Worth More Alive campaign to conserve Bengal tigers by the last week of May this year. It is being told that Goldstein ran in the London Marathon for the first time 12 years ago wearing a tiger suit. Later, Goldstein won over Kilimanjaro.
Wearing a tiger suit, he has covered a total of 19 marathons so far. Goldstein’s website says that all those donations have been used to fund a variety of social causes such as buying an ambulance, building a new school, buying petrol vehicles and funding facilities for many villages. .

Everest Marathon is held every year on 29th May. This event is organized by the Government of Nepal, which is an international high-altitude adventure sport. According to the Everest Marathon website, the 2022 marathon celebrates the increase in height reached on Mount Everest after the 2015 earthquake.

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