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#Abhinandanisback: India welcomes back Wing Commander Abhinandan

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Amidst the citizens of India celebrating the announcement of Wing Commander Abhinandan’s comeback and awaiting his arrival, finally the most awaited moment have come when Abhinandan has stepped into his motherland making everyone elated and proud.

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The wing commander was captured in Pakistan while engaging in an aerial fight with Pakistan’s fighter plan F-16 and days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday announced that they will be sending him back to India as a sign of peace.

Since morning thousands of people standing in a queue at Wagha Border were waiting for him to step into India just to get a glimpse of a knight in shining armor. Finally the wait is over now as Abhinandan is back in India after travelling all the way from Pakistan to Wagha border.

The completion of all the paper work and formalities have been completed and IAF commanders have received him from Wagha border and Border Security Force was standing guard in high alert during the pilot’s arrival.

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