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After backlash, SpiceJet passengers walk on tarmac at Delhi airport after cooked up 45 minutes for bus

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

New Delhi: After facing severe backlash by DGCA again SpiceJet is in trouble. Technical flaws are constantly coming to the fore in airlines in India. Due to which aviation regulator DGCA has also shown strictness on many airlines. Meanwhile, a major negligence of SpiceJet has been seen. According to the news agency, a large number of passengers alighted from SpiceJet’s Hyderabad-Delhi flight on Saturday night had to walk on the tarmac of the Delhi airport. According to sources, the airline could not provide a bus to take them to the airport for about 45 minutes.

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Sources told the agency on Sunday that aviation regulator DGCA is probing the incident. SpiceJet, however, said there was a slight delay in the arrival of the coaches, but as soon as the buses arrived, all the passengers were taken to the terminal building.

The airline had claimed there was “a brief delay” in the arrival of coaches, and once the buses came, all the passengers, including those who had started walking, travelled on them from the tarmac to the terminal building.

The airline said, “Despite repeated requests from our staff, some passengers started walking towards the terminal. They would hardly have walked a few meters by the time the buses arrived. After which everyone got on the bus to the terminal. were taken.”

Let us tell you that the tarmac is an area on the side of the runway at the airport, on which only buses are allowed to bring passengers. Passengers are not allowed to walk on it as it can be dangerous from the point of view of safety. There is a demarcated route on the tarmac for vehicles only. Therefore, airlines use buses to pick up passengers from the terminal to the plane and back to the terminal.

As per the orders of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), SpiceJet is currently not operating more than 50 per cent of its flights.

In fact, in July, the DGCA had banned the airline’s flights for a period of eight weeks. Because, between June 19 and July 5, at least eight incidents of technical failure in SpiceJet aircraft were reported.

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Sources said that SpiceJet’s Hyderabad-Delhi flight landed at its destination at around 11:24 am on Saturday. During this, 186 passengers were on board. After which a bus immediately came and took some passengers to Terminal 3. The rest of the passengers waited for about 45 minutes and when they did not see any bus, they started walking towards the terminal, which was about 1.5 km away. After walking on the tarmac for about 11 minutes, a bus came to take them to the terminal at around 12.20 pm.

When asked about the incident, SpiceJet in a statement said, “The information that passengers of SpiceJet flight Hyderabad-Delhi were forced to walk towards the terminal on 6 August is incorrect and denied.” There was only a slight delay in the arrival of the coaches to take the passengers from the tarmac to the terminal building.”

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