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Air Asia Kolkata-bound flight makes emergency landing in Lucknow after it suffered a bird strike

Emergency Landing at Lucknow Airport: After hitting the bird, Air Asia's Lucknow-Kolkata flight made an emergency landing at Lucknow airport. Asia's flight number I5-319 had 180 people including crew members on board.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: An Air Asia flight going from Lucknow to Kolkata narrowly escaped being a victim of a major accident on Sunday. The emergency landing of the flight was done. According to the information received, Air Asia’s flight number I5-319 had taken off at its scheduled time of 10.50 minutes when suddenly a bird collided with the aircraft.

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Due to security reasons, the emergency landing of the aircraft was done. Passengers are scared after this incident. Meanwhile, the airline administration is also facing serious allegations of negligence. Passengers complain that no other alternative arrangements have been made. According to the information received, there were 180 people including crew members in Air Asia flight number I5-319.

Bird strikes pose a serious threat to aircraft, frequently forcing emergency landings and occasionally even resulting in casualties. It is crucial to understand that bird strikes frequently happen close to airports. Specifically, the birds or animals strike the aircraft as it is nearer the ground, which occurs during takeoff, landing, low-altitude cruising, or as the aircraft is still ascending or falling.

Bird strikes usually occur when aircraft fly at low altitudes. These incidents are more common at the time of landing and takeoff. Generally, most incidents of bird hit are not dangerous, but sometimes the situation worsens due to bird hit and the aircraft needs to be landed immediately.

According to a survey by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), on an average 34 incidents of bird strikes with aircraft are reported every day. This causes a loss of $ 1 billion (about Rs 7,800 crore) annually. It was also revealed in this survey that there is no harm in about 92 percent of the incidents.

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