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All you need to know about significance of each rose color!

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February is here and the month of love has begun for all the love birds but there are many people who are not aware of the significance and history behind different days including Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day etc. The first day that commence the entire Valentine’s week is Rose day while generally on this day lovers express their love to each other by giving roses to each other but different colors of roses portray different meaning which is not known by many people.

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Stressing emphasis on the significance of different colors of rose on the occasion of Rose Day 2019, the prominent colors of roses that are exchanged generally on this day are yellow, red, lavender and white.

1. White Roses- This color of roses signify innocence and beginning of a new relationship or bond while white roses are mostly used in Christian weddings for decoration and gifting purposes.

2. Red Rose- Widely used for expressing love, red color is also known as the color of love. Red roses are mostly used during Valentine’s Day and it is one of the most prominent colors that people choose to express love.

3. Lavender Rose- Those who are captivated with feelings of love and adoration can use lavender rose to express their feelings.

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4. Yellow Rose- The color yellow stands for friendship. The color is safe and can easily brighten up one’s day.

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