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Allegations of Sexual Exploitation Against Amit Malviya Rock BJP: Supriya Srinet Condemns Dark Deeds

Congress party's national spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said in a press conference on Monday that it has not even been 24 hours since the NDA Alliance government and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister that the dark deeds of the people of BJP have been stopped. Has once again made the country bow its head in shame.

By: Rekha Joshi  Pardaphash Group
Allegations of Sexual Exploitation Against Amit Malviya Rock BJP: Supriya Srinet Condemns Dark Deeds

Supriya Shrinet said that Sangh Parivar leader Shantanu Sinha has made serious allegations of sexual harassment against BJP IT cell leader Amit Malviya. Shantanu Sinha says that Amit Malviya sexually exploits women in five star hotels and BJP offices in Bengal. Supriya Shrinet said that there is a competition among BJP leaders to supply women.

Supriya Shrinet said that the question is whether it is the BJP’s IT cell or a gathering of criminals. Why is the accused every time a BJP leader in a crime against women? Serious allegations have been made against BJP officials, but the entire BJP is silent. He said that what is the truth of silence on such allegations, after all why is this officer being protected and at whose behest? He said that with what mouth does Narendra Modi talk about women’s protection? When he always gives protection to the accused.

Supriya Shrinet said that it is not a mere coincidence that the allegation of sexual exploitation has been leveled against a person who holds a senior position in the ruling party. This is a person who; Every time he crossed all limits and fabricated stories against the opposition. Even the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and his family were not spared.  Spread false propaganda against all opposition leaders including Sonia and Rahul. Putting such a person on the post shows the moral bankruptcy of BJP.

Supriya Shrinet said that this has been revealed by RSS members, who are on record. A gentleman named Shantanu Sinha, who is a relative of BJP office-bearer in Bengal Rahul Sinha, has alleged that BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya is indulging in nefarious activities, not only in 5-star hotels but also in BJP offices in Bengal. Have also sexually exploited women.

She said that we demand justice for women in Bengal from BJP. Be it Hathras, Lakhimpur, our most respected athletes, or Bilkis Bano, the Prime Minister has consistently given political protection to criminals. Supriya Shrinet said that now the time has come for you to stand with women. Now is the time for you to stand with the daughter of India and unless you respond to her plight, you have no right to be in power.

She said that today we demand the immediate removal of Amit Malviya from his post. This is a very powerful post. This is a powerful position and unless he is removed from office, there can be no independent investigation or justice. If justice has to be done then he cannot remain in that position of power. They are the same people who have told lies one after another. He did not maintain any decency in public life. He did not even spare India’s first Prime Minister Nehru. He publicized and defamed Nehru’s photographs with his sister and niece. He crossed every limit of morality in public life by quoting Rahul Gandhi’s media bytes, statements and addresses.

We want him to be immediately removed from his post so that an independent investigation can be conducted. We only hope that the Prime Minister will learn some lessons from the defeat on 63 seats. They will learn humility and they will learn that they cannot continue to stand by those who exploit women. We hope that the new Minister of the Ministry of Women and Child Development will not become a mute spectator to the plight of women. We hope that NCW will recognize its voice, conscience and morality and take suo motu cognizance of this matter. Justice can only be done if this man is removed from his authority.

We pay tribute to the deceased and our condolences to their families. Also pray for the speedy recovery of those who are injured. We stand with the country and the government against violence and terrorism. Those who attacked the devotees’ bus are cowards. We are deeply concerned but we also have a question to those people who make tall claims about Jammu and Kashmir, why is the law and order situation broken?

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