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Ambala-Chandigarh Highway Reopens After 22-Day Closure Amidst Farmers’ Protest

Resolution Brings Relief as Key Highway Resumes Operations.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Ambala-Chandigarh Highway Reopens After 22-Day Closure Amidst Farmers’ Protest

In a development bringing respite to commuters and residents, the Ambala-Chandigarh Highway reopened on Tuesday, March 5, marking the end of a 22-day closure that ensued amidst ongoing farmers’ protests.

Extended Closure Amid Farmers’ Protest

The highway closure was a consequence of the farmers’ protest, with hundreds of protestors encamped at strategic points such as Shambhu and Khanauri on the Punjab-Haryana border. This prolonged closure was a part of the larger ‘Dilli Chalo’ march initiated on February 13, creating disruptions in the region and affecting the daily lives of local communities.

Demands Put Forth by Protesting Farmers

The farmers participating in the protest had articulated a list of 10 demands, emphasizing key agricultural reforms. These demands included a legal guarantee for the minimum support price (MSP) across all crops, the implementation of the Swaminathan Commission’s formula, full debt waiver for farmers, provision of pension for both farmers and laborers, and the withdrawal of legal cases filed against farmers during the protests in the fiscal year 2020-21, among others.

Government Response and Negotiations

As the highway remained blocked, the government engaged in discussions with the protesting farmers to address their concerns and find an amicable resolution. The prolonged closure underscored the persistence of the farmers in seeking comprehensive reforms in agricultural policies and support systems.

Highway Reopens

After almost a month of disruptions, the reopening of the Ambala-Chandigarh Highway brings a sense of normalcy to the region. The resumption of traffic flow on this vital route is expected to alleviate the inconvenience faced by commuters, businesses, and residents who were adversely impacted by the prolonged closure.

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