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American space agency NASA’s new Webb telescope reveals deepest look of the cosmos ever captured. See pic

By Priyanka Verma 
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New Delhi: The first image from American space agency NASA’s new space telescope unveiled is brimming with galaxies and offers the deepest look of the cosmos ever captured. NASA and President Joe Biden shared the first colored image from the space telescope, showcasing a look at the early days of the universe. Releasing the image, US President Joe Biden said, “Today is a historic day… This is a historic moment, for America and all of humanity.

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The remarkable shot is overflowing with thousands of galaxies and features the faintest objects ever observed, colorized from infrared to blue, orange and white tones. According to the NASA’s information, The first image shows the farthest humanity has ever seen in both time and distance, with the four remaining images to be released on Tuesday by NASA. The “deep field” image released at a White House event is filled with lots of stars, with massive galaxies in the foreground and faint and extremely distant galaxies peeking through here and there. Part of the image is light from not too long after the Big Bang, which was 13.8 billion years ago.

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About the image NASA said, “The release of these first images marks the official beginning of Webb’s science operations, which will continue to explore the mission’s key science themes.” Webb’s First Deep Field, it shows the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, which acts as a gravitational lens, magnifying much more distant galaxies behind it. Webb’s primary imager Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam )– which operates in the near infrared wavelength spectrum because light from the early universe has been stretched out by the time it reaches us — has brought these faint background galaxies into sharp focus.

The images on tap for Tuesday include a view of a giant gaseous planet outside our solar system, two images of a nebula where stars are born and die in spectacular beauty and an update of a classic image of five tightly clustered galaxies that dance around each other.Webb compiled the composite shot in 12.5 hours, achieving well beyond what the Hubble Space Telescope could in weeks.

Launched in December 2021 from French The world’s biggest and most powerful space telescope rocketed away. It reached its lookout point 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) from Earth in January. Then the lengthy process began to align the mirrors, get the infrared detectors cold enough to operate and calibrate the science instruments, all protected by a sunshade the size of a tennis court that keeps the telescope cool. NASA is collaborating on Webb with the European and Canadian space agencies.

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