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Amrullah Saleh’s call – Will not let Afghanistan become ‘Talibistan’, ready to fight

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Kabul: Amrullah Saleh, the acting President of Afghanistan, had a special conversation on the situation in Panjshir on Tuesday. Amarullah Saleh says that the Taliban’s claim that they have captured some part of Panjshir is absolutely wrong. We are completely in control, the enthusiasm of the people of Panjshir is absolutely high.

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The acting president said the people of Panjshir were not ready to bow down to the Taliban. We are ready for any kind of talks, we want peace in our area. But if the Taliban wants a fight, we are ready to fight.

“If the Taliban wants war, there will be war”

Amrullah Saleh said that Ahmed Masood is currently fighting against the Taliban like his father, everyone is standing with him. I am also present here, everyone is united here. We have left everything to the Taliban, if they want war then there will be war and if they want talks then talks will be held with peace.

Regarding the local situation and future, Amrulla Saleh said that the current situation is very strange as the entire cabinet including the President has left the country. President Ashraf Ghani betrayed the people and he went out of the country. But our motto is only one, we will not tolerate any kind of dictatorship.

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“Won’t Let Talibistan Be Formed”

Amrullah Saleh said that we want our people to have a chance to live freely, we do not want Afghanistan to become Taliban. We want that the Afghan people should get a chance to speak their mind, all this cannot happen in a dictatorship.

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Let us tell you that Amrullah Saleh is also currently staying in Panjshir, he is fighting against the Taliban in collaboration with the Northern Alliance led by Ahmed Masood. Amarullah Saleh has declared himself acting president after Ashraf Ghani left the country.

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