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“An Indian poet who received….”: Google Doodle celebrates 113th b’day of Balamani Amma, grandmother of Malayalam literature

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: One of the famous poetess of Malayalam language, who was a talented and skilled poet, which the world called Balamani! Gandhiji’s ideals and ideas had a great influence on Amma’s literature and life, which was reflected in her poems too! He also released the soft word in Malayalam which was limited only to Sanskrit, his main poems Naad-beauty, sharp utterances, the cuisine style is rare!

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Important contribution in the field of literature
Amma was a nationalist writer from Kerala! Poems of national awakening which she wrote are as follows – Vatsalya, Mamta, Gentle expressions of humanity etc. What her pen wrote between 1929-1939 played an important role in the independence of the country! Like Gandhi’s influence, the desire for freedom, etc. If she used to say that her husband encouraged them to create literature. And given him a chance to do writing work!

After marriage Amma lived with her husband in present day Calcutta (Kolkata). The experience of living in Calcutta strengthened her even more, she wrote the Kala Kutiya literature of Calcutta on the request of her husband! His first poem written with conscience is ‘Matrichumban’, he wore khaki, cut the spinning wheel and kept taking up the pen for Jung-e-Azadi! Sparrow was one such poem that earned him a lot of fame! Amma also received India’s highest honor Padma Bhushan!

Balamani Amma was an avid reader of Indian mythology and her poetry tended to put a spin on the traditional understanding of women characters. Her early poems glorified motherhood in a new light, which is why she was then known as the “poetess of motherhood”. Her poems describing her love for children and grandchildren earned her the titles of Amma (Mother) and Muthassi (Grandmother) of Malayalam poetry.

Google on Tuesday (July 19, 2022) celebrated the 113th birthday of Balamani Amma, a famous Indian poet who was known as the grandmother of Malayalam literature, with a special Doodle.

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Introduction to Amma
Amma was born on July 19, 1909 in Malabar, Kerala, her full name was Nalapat Balamani Amma. She belonged to Punnayukurlam district, her husband’s name was BM Nair. After marriage it started living in Calcutta.
The complete biography of Amma is described by her son in his poem The Pain, which explains the loneliness of a mother.

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At the age of 19, Amma married VM Nair, who became the managing director and managing editor of the widely circulated Malayalam newspaper Mathrubhumi and later an executive in an automobile company. After marriage, she moved to Kolkata to live with her husband.

Balamani Amma was 24 when her first child, Kamala Suraiya, was born. Her husband VM Nair died in 1977. Her other children include daughters Shyam Sundara and Sulochana.
Amma passed away on December 29, 2004, in Kochi.

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