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Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor’s husband gets accused of evading tax by a shipping company; Says it’s ‘Baseless Slandering’

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Mumbai: Entrepreneur Anand Ahuja, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor’s husband, has been ousted by an international shipping company, MyUS.com, for allegedly using doctored invoices, a bid which is apparently used to avoid paying taxes and custom duty. However, Anand has refuted the allegation, calling it, “baseless slandering”.

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It so happened that Anand Ahuja tweeted on January 27, 2022, about his bad customer experience with the online shipping company. Anand Ahuja tweeted, “Does anyone know someone at MyUS – I have had HORRIBLE experience recently. They are holding items improperly, rejecting formal paperwork and refusing to acknowledge any reasoning.” While some people also said that they had similar experiences with the firm, the shipping company alleged that Anand Ahuja used doctored invoices to avoid payment of taxes and custom duty.

In a reply to Anand’s tweet, the company said that owing to their limited resources on social media accounts, he should connect to the customer service through email or chat. To this Ahuja stated that he has been doing so for over seven days and that the company’s new “policies” are a scam. “Have been trying to resolve with email CS for 7+ days and spent 2hrs with chat CS yesterday before this tweet. They are unable to resolve- offering unfair, ones sided and even fraudulent solutions. Your company’s new “policies” are malicious and a SCAM.” Sonam on the other hand, also quoted Anand’s tweet and wrote, “Terrible customer service is shameful.”

Later, MyUS took to Twitter to defend itself. MyUS wrote, “This is not a matter of customer service quality, new policies, or holding items improperly as was tweeted. Mr Ahuja misrepresented the price he paid for sneakers purchased on eBay, which would result in him paying fewer duties and taxes.” The company also tagged Sonam Kapoor in their tweet.

Anand Ahuja has responded to the tweet saying that the company refused to validate the PDF receipts and bank statements and accused it of trying to overcharge him and hold his goods for long and added that he moved all his items and closed his account.

“You should watch your baseless slandering- you were the ones that refused to validate PDF receipts and bank statements just so you could overcharge me and hold my goods longer to earn late fees,” his tweet read.

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