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Anand Mahindra Offers Job to Teen Who Used Alexa to Foil Monkey Attack

Mahindra Group Chairman Recognizes Teen's Quick Thinking and Leadership.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Anand Mahindra Offers Job to Teen Who Used Alexa to Foil Monkey Attack

13-year-old Nikita from Uttar Pradesh’s Basti district found herself in the spotlight after her quick thinking averted a potentially dangerous monkey attack using the virtual assistant technology, Alexa. The incident, which has since gone viral, showcased Nikita’s remarkable presence of mind as she utilized technology to protect herself and her 15-month-old niece from harm’s way.

Mahindra Group Chairman’s Recognition

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the renowned Mahindra Group, was among the many who applauded Nikita’s courageous act. Taking to social media, he commended her exemplary leadership qualities and foresight in utilizing technology for self-defense. Mahindra expressed his admiration for Nikita’s quick thinking and extended an offer of employment at Mahindra Group once she completes her education.

Nikita’s Brave Act

Recalling the incident, Nikita narrated how she confronted the advancing monkey by commanding Alexa to emit a dog’s barking sound. The clever tactic successfully scared off the primate, averting any potential harm to herself and her niece. Her ability to remain calm and devise a solution amidst a tense situation underscored her resilience and resourcefulness.

Family’s Reaction

The owner of the residence, Pankaj Ojha, emphasized the significance of Alexa in their household, stating that while they often used it for routine tasks, this was the first instance where it proved to be a lifesaver. The family expressed gratitude for the role technology played in ensuring the safety of the children during the unexpected encounter with the monkeys.

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