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Are crime shows aired on TV fueling criminal activities in reality?

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Television is one of the best mediums of entertainment as it is an audio visual medium and caters the need of every age group. The several numbers of channels on television is of different genre as per the preference of people. Similarly, talking about crime shows telecasted on television on different channels are somehow fueling criminal activities in reality because it might the brain of few mentally unfit people.

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Although, the motive of crime shows is to alert people about the criminal activities happening across the country but it seems as if these shows are acting as fuel in the increase of criminal activities day by day because the content of crime shows is basically about different ways of implementing a crime and in every new episode the idea of committing a crime is different which in turn serves in giving ideas to criminals.

The rules and regulations of our country are strict and equal for all the criminals but the implementation of the law is poor and slow. Knowing this, we cannot afford the increment in criminal activities especially when we know that the accused will get away easily.

Major question that arises here is that whether or not crime shows on television are fueling criminal activities in realities? The answer to this is a mixed bag of reaction as few people believe that crime depends on a criminal psychology of a person and it has nothing to do with television while some people strongly condemn crime shows on TV as according to them it can easily affects the brain of youngsters.

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