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Are online dating apps stagnating people’s cognitive skills?

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Remember the time of our grandparents, when love was at its peak but around the trees and slowly with the time love stories started during everyone’s school life, college’s cafeteria happened to be the best place for love birds to spend time with each and other. But, if we talk about today’s generation online dating is considered to be cool and happening.

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Making their online dating experience easier, applications like tinder, happn, swipe left etc have tempted more and more people to download the app and promote online dating. But, the side-effects of the same are beyond one’s imagination while the first and foremost concern of online dating is that the people you are talking to is a stranger and there are chances of betrayal.

Earlier than this, there have been reports round the corner in the media that people have suffered betrayal after marrying someone who they met online while there were few cases when some psycho men used online dating applications to find victim for murder and rape.

Youngsters are more prone to depression and panic attacks specially after getting betrayed in a relationship while online dating apps are somehow destroying their cognitive skills and thinking capability because of the increasing fraudulent activities on it.

But, likewise a coin has two sides similarly online dating apps have proved to be a blessing for few people because they found their partners and are happily married ever after but for some the experience of using online dating apps have led to stagnation of their cognitive skills because it worked in mobilizing their addiction towards the smartphone.

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