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Are women being objectified in TV & Film industry?

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Ever increasing brutality, domestic violence, molestation, sexual harassment, rape and what not do the women in the society suffer from and not only this but they are compared to just an object of pleasure and desire in the television and film industry. Although people working in the industry might not feel so but the cinematography of the advertisements, movies item songs etc portray the pathetic condition of women in the society.

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In almost every second advertisement featured on the television, unnecessary appearance of women has been made mandatory because according to them showcasing women as an object is what will make people buy the product. It’s absolutely not the industry’s fault instead the mentality of people of our country is deteriorating day by day but in order to fulfill their perspective of looking at a women, advertisers are left with no option but to objectify women.

Have you ever noticed advertisements of automobiles wherein instead of explaining the features of the bike, all one will see is that buying that particular bike will attract women towards them as shown in the advertisements. What should we refer these advertisements as, is this not objectifying women? In an Insurance related ad the only role of women is shown to be a homemaker while the husband is shown dealing with all this. Through these advertisements, are we not promoting something that is not right for people to see?

Talking about the film industry, we have all listened to item songs of the movies and the lyrics of the songs will never be glorifying women instead it will include words that degrade women to being an object of pleasure. In fact, the concept of item songs in a movie was started to serve the same purpose. But what should a movie maker do when people do not prefer watching a movie that does not include a peppy item song? People look for movies that include item songs and the movie is even better for them if it stars more than one actress.

The gentry of Indian cinema includes more than half of the entire population that prefer films with item songs and romance while only the other part of the people prefer humorous and thriller movies. The ratio clearly is the reason behind objectifying women in TV and film industry.

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