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Are you drinking “ice water” in summers to beat scorching heat? So know the side effects

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: When we are out all day we want to drink icy cold water. Drinking cold water at high temperature during the summer season gives relief to people from the heat, but it is not good for your health at all. When the water is very cold, only a little water will make you feel like you have drunk too much water. It controls your thirst. This also reduces the amount of water in your body. To stay hydrated in summer, people consume liquid drinks, in which along with ordinary water, people consume a variety of drinks including lassi, juice and coconut water. According to experts, it is very important to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

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According to the doctor, we should always drink water of 20 to 22 degree temperature. By drinking ice or cold water, you can have many stomach related problems like stomach pain, difficulty in digesting food. If you drink too much cold water, it sometimes cools the nerves and slows down your heart rate. Today we are going to tell you in detail through this article that if you drink cold water regularly, then what can be the harm to your health.

# Digestion problem:
Drinking cold water harms the digestive system. Because drinking cold causes the blood cells to shrink. This slows down the digestion. If you drink cold water on a regular basis, then it makes it difficult to digest food and can cause problems like abdominal pain, nausea, constipation and flatulence. Digestion does not take place properly, so the nutrients of the food are lost or not absorbed by the body.

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# Migraine and Sinus:
Drinking too much cold can also cause the problem of Migraine. This happens due to excessive consumption of ice water or ice cream. Drinking ice water can give more trouble to people with migraine. When you drink cold water, it blocks your nose and respiratory tract. Which aggravates the pain of migraine. In this, the cold water cools the sensitive nerves of the spine, due to which it affects the brain. For this reason, headache and sinus problems can also occur.

# Decreases Heart Rate:
Another reason to avoid drinking chilled water is because it decreases the heart rate. Studies have shown that drinking chilled water not only decreases the heart rate but also stimulates the vagus nerve. The nerve which controls the involuntary functions of the body. The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and is an important part of the body’s autonomic nervous system that controls the body’s involuntary functions. The vagus nerve mediates the lowering of the heart rate and cold water stimulates this nerve, causing the heart rate to drop.

# Problem of fat gain and obesity:
By drinking ice water all the time, the fat present in the body is not able to burn, due to which obesity starts increasing and there is a problem in reducing weight. Drinking chilled water just after your meal solidifies the fat from the foods just consumed, making it difficult for your body to break down the unwanted fat. It is better to avoid drinking water for at least 30 minutes after your meal.

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