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Are you fond of adventurous places? Caves in India you must visit!

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The world is full of wonders and adventurous places but India as a country is in itself a wonder and here apart from the seven wonders there are many such places which can be a dream place for people who are fond of adventurous places. If we talk about caves in India, they have hidden and mysterious stories behind it.

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It is interesting to know few unknown facts about our own country as India is known for its heritage and is also known for some of its unsolved mysteries. Travelling the country in itself is a big adventure as there are many interesting facts about places in India that is still not known by many people.

Here are few mysterious caves in India:-

1. Borra Caves- The serene place in the Araku Valley have so much more to them than what meets the eye. The caves are predominantly Karstic Limestone structures, extending to a depth of 80 m (262.5 ft). Borra Caves are spread across 2 Sq.Kms and the mouth of the cave is 100 Mts wide. The distance you trek in the cave is 0.35 Kms. These shapes resembling Shiva-Parvati, Rishi’s beard, mother-child, human brain, etc have captured the imagination of tourists.

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2. Amarnath Caves- This place is known by almost all the people of India as it is one of the regional places where thousands of people visit it with utmost belief every year. Perched at an elevation of around 3,888 m and 45 kms away from Pahalgam, Amarnath Temple is believed to be the earthly abode of Lord Shiva.

3. Undavalli caves- Undavalli Caves were carved out of solid sandstone on a hillside and they serve as one of the finest testimonials to the viswakarma sthapathis. Caves are associated with Vishnukundina kings – influential dynasty ruling over significant part of contemporary India in 420 – 620 AD. Cave in its planning belongs to the earliest examples of Gupta architecture although several details on the second floor show the influence of Chalukyan architecture.

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