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As fuel prices soar, Nitin Gadkari arrives at Parliament in a hydrogen car

By wasmulhaq 
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Fuel prices are rising at a steady rate.Soaring fuel prices have caused widespread public disarray. In the midst of increasing prices, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today arrived at Parliament in a green, hydrogen-powered car.

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It is the first vehicle of its kind in India. As part of a pilot project, the minister drove himself to parliament from his home this morning in a novel kind of car. Mr. Gadkari has always emphasised the importance of transitioning to renewable and green energy.

The car is eco-friendly, so it won’t increase pollution like normal cars. The increasing pollution level has created a lot of difficulty for people from all walks of life, especially children and senior citizens. If the use of hydrogen-powered cars became a success story on Indian roads, then it would be a boon for the country.

A hydrogen-powered car can cover 600 km

The green hydrogen-powered car can cover 600 kilometres on a full tank, which will certainly cut the cost of travel to just Rs 2 per kilometre. It takes just five minutes to fill the fuel tank of the vehicle.

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Visuals made it clear that the minister was sitting in the front seat of the car, next to the driver. The white- coloured car has a green number plate that is used in electric vehicles.

Gadkari lanunches Toyota Mirai

Transport minister Gadkari had earlier this month launched India’s first hydrogen-based advanced “Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)”-the Toyota Mirai. He also shared a video of how green hydrogen can power a car. At the launch, he said that green hydrogen was “an efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable energy pathway to make India energy self-reliant.”

“Nitin Gadkari said that the hydrogen car is the future, Prime Minister Modi has also mentioned this, and this is a big step towards becoming a self-reliant India. Petrol diesel causes pollution, but hydrofuel cell cars do not cause pollution, “he said.

Further, he explained that “there are three types of hydrogen. It is green hydrogen, and its price will be Rs 1.5 per kilometer. Its Japanese name is Mirai.

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introduction of a new car to become ‘Atmanirbhar’

To become ‘Atmanirbhar’ we’ve introduced “green hydrogen,” which is generated from water. This car is a pilot project. Now, the manufacturing of green hydrogen will begin in the country. Imports will be curbed and new employment opportunities will be created, “the minister said.”

In January, the minister said he would be seen in a car on Delhi roads so that people would be encouraged to use hydrogen fuel, which will be the fuel of the future. As he earlier said, the car is from Japan’s Toyota company, and the hydrogen fuel is from the Faridabad-based Indian Oil Pump.

In a tweet, Gadkari wrote, “Green Hydrogen: an efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable energy pathway to make India “energy self-reliant.”

Know about green hydrogen cars?

  • A substitute for traditional fuel. It can be used in any vehicle and is reliable for short and long distances.


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  • It is a zero-emission fuel.


  • It doesn’t take much time to fill up. It will take normal time for fueling, just like rufelling petrol or diesel.

In a hydrogen-powered car, the gas is amassed in a high-pressure tank and is transferred to the fuel cell to produce electricity. It is created by a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. During the trip, there will be no emissions except water.

The new experiment of Indian roads is essential. People can’t afford the sky-touching price of petrol and diesel, and their prices are increasing on a daily basis. Hydrogen-powered cars may be a conducive alternative in coming days.



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