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As new year unravels new aspirations, read your weekly horoscope for Dec 27–Jan 2

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Four planets are powering through your reputation zone, so you’ll be on show on New Year’s Eve for everyone to see. Perhaps you’ll deliver a speech, dance up a storm or wear something that makes you stand out from the crowd? But Venus is still retrograde, so expect some embarrassing hiccups along the way! 2022 is a terrific year to tap into your entrepreneurial side and turn an innovative idea into a prosperous venture. Fortune favours Rams who are bold and brave!


Bulls won’t feel particularly sociable on Friday night, as your ruler Venus is still in retrograde mode. So find private, low-key ways to ring in the New Year. 2022 is the year to let go of the past and move onto greener and more productive pastures as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and Uranus activate your adventure zone. So get off your beautiful bovine behind and start planning an exciting escape, a heavenly holiday or an ambitious business trip for some time soon.


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With sociable Jupiter moving into your reputation zone, you’re in the mood to party like a pro. Bright lights and loud music, plus plenty of talking, laughing and dancing … New Year’s Eve was made for gregarious Geminis! But Venus is still retrograde, so you’re also inclined to make insensitive remarks to over-sensitive friends. Watch what you say! As writer Rudyard Kipling (who was born on December 30) reminds us, “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.”


With Venus reversing through your relationship zone (until January 29) you need to be particularly compassionate and patient with people this week. Many Crabs will host a New Year’s Eve party or be a guest at the celebrations of a relative. Either way, the focus is on family and close friends. On Wednesday, Jupiter jumps into your aspirations zone. So 2022 is the year to tap into your inspiration, set ambitious goals, dream big dreams and visualise a fabulous future. 


Both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day look lively, as you feel energised by the Sun/Uranus trine. Catching up with family and friends will put a spring in your step and a smile on your dial. In 2022 the planets will restructure, broaden and deepen your relationships with loved ones and work colleagues. So your mantra is from singer, songwriter and poet Patti Smith (who turns 75 on Thursday). “Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional.”

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New Year’s Eve should be an enjoyable night but resist the urge to criticise a loved one or close friend. Make it a priority to start 2022 in a positive and fun frame of mind. On Wednesday, Jupiter races into your relationship zone. If you are attached, you have much to learn from your sweetheart and the more you explore new horizons together, the more the partnership will grow. Singles – love and travel are linked, or a friendship could take a surprisingly romantic detour.


Many Librans will prefer a cosy and low-key New Year’s Eve, as four planets activate your domestic zone. So Home Sweet Home is the best place to be. In 2022, strive to get the ratio right between your professional commitments and your family life. Balance is the key. Remember Venus (your patron planet) is reversing through your domestic zone until January 29. So do your best to be extra diplomatic with frustrated family members, who will test your Libran patience.


As 2022 develops, new friendships, creative projects and social networking are highlighted, as you discover interesting and influential people to add to your peer group. But this New Year’s Eve looks pretty quiet, as the Moon moves through your privacy zone. On Wednesday, Jupiter leaps into your good luck zone. So 2022 is a great year to sell shares or real estate, enter a competition, buy a lottery ticket, visit the casino, win at the races or launch a lucrative project.

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Adventurous, spontaneous Sagittarians love the excitement and anticipation of the New Year period, fresh with possibilities for the future. Having a positive attitude means you’ll be a popular host or guest at any function on Friday night. You’ll certainly start the year with a fiery bang and a creative flourish, as mighty Mars transits through your sign and Jupiter (your power planet) jumps into Pisces. You’ll find confidence is the rocket fuel that will take you places in 2022.


You’re keen to converse on New Year’s Eve, as you have fun with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all visiting your sign. But Venus is retrograde, which boosts your positive – and negative – traits. So strive to express your very best Capricorn qualities in 2022. Your motto for the moment is from singer, songwriter and poet Patti Smith (who was born on December 30, 1946). “If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate.”


New Year’s Eve looks amorous and adventurous, as the Moon lights up your excitable exploration zone. On Saturday your ruler Uranus trines the Sun, which activates your avant-garde Aquarian side and bohemian behaviour. So it’s time to celebrate your unique and contrary Uranian nature. As birthday great Patti Smith observes “Some of us are born rebellious.” Prosperous Jupiter jumps into your money zone, which is good news for your bank balance in 2022.


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Monday is the most creative day of the week. Some sensitive Pisceans get sentimental (and teary) on New Year’s Eve, as you look back over the highs and lows of the closing year. But Jupiter (planet of good fortune and positivity) storms into your sign on Wednesday – for the first time since 2011! So it’s time to let go of the past and set challenging goals for the future. And don’t let fear of failure stop you from achieving your golden dreams. Nothing ventured; nothing gained!

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