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As the ‘New Moon’ lights up your Horoscope, learn how your week will be!

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Restless Rams are ready to charge off in exciting new directions, as the New Moon lights up your sign on Sunday night. Even in the current Covid climate, it’s still a good week to percolate ideas, make plans and be proactive. But your ruler Mars squares nebulous Neptune on Friday and Saturday. So avoid losing your sense of perspective; getting carried away; and over-promising. If you fail to follow through on your fabulous intentions then everyone will end up being disappointed.


This week friends and finances are a dubious combination. The New Moon lights up your seclusion zone so you’re keen to meditate, contemplate, ruminate and rejuvenate. But don’t use it as an excuse to hide away in order to escape the challenges of the world. With Uranus still charging through your sign, you need to be a bold Bull and assert your independence. So your motto for the moment is from movie star (and birthday great) Bette Davis, “The key to life is accepting challenges.”


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Mars and Neptune could throw some confusion into the weekly mix, especially involving a personal project or a work matter. So think carefully before you speak and, if you find yourself compelled to spread salacious gossip, just bite your tongue and say nothing! It is a good time to dream big dreams and set ambitious goals for the next 12 months, as Sunday night’s New Moon activates your hopes and wishes zone. Group activities and catching up with friends are also highlighted.


The late weekend New Moon charges up your career/reputation zone so prepare for a few changes. But the more you try to control those around you, the more they will tend to push back. So take a good long look at your motives. Perhaps you need to be a less clingy Crab? Perhaps you could give someone more freedom, so they can fight their own battles and make their own mistakes? Food for thought, as you transform the way you connect with family, friends and colleagues.


With the New Moon falling in fellow fire sign Aries, you’re feeling feisty and ready for adventure! But with social distancing and international travel bans still in place in many areas, do you feel like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Remember that hubris often comes before a fall. So the buzz word this week is humility. If you’re a clever Lion, then you’ll be kinder towards other people and more tolerant of their individual idiosyncrasies and particular circumstances.

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Confusion and misunderstandings are likely (especially with loved ones and work colleagues) so straightforward speech is recommended this week. You’ll get the best results if you research something thoroughly (with your Virgo x-ray vision) and then tell it like it is. Other people will appreciate your direct and no-nonsense approach. It’s also a good time to read a detective story, uncover a secret, solve a puzzling problem or get to the bottom of an intriguing mystery.


Is a close relationship stuck in a rut? This week the New Moon, Mercury and Venus encourage you to blast away the cobwebs and look at things from a fresh angle. Attached Librans – are you doing all the giving, while your partner is doing all the taking? Singles – you could fall for someone who is creative and kind. But how well do you really know your nearest and dearest? It’s time to dig deeper and gain valuable insights into the inner motivations of a family member.


Courtesy of Sunday night’s New Moon, it’s a good week to review your physical well-being and fitness levels. Can you introduce healthier food choices, stop bad habits (like smoking) or reboot your exercise program? Get moving and make a dynamic start! Avoid the temptation to operate on autopilot. If you shake up your daily routine, then it will put an extra spring in your Scorpio step. But a relationship with a child, teenager or friend could veer off in a rather dubious direction.

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Sagittarians can be selfish, self-indulgent souls. With this week’s New Moon spotlighting your leisure zone, you’ll be preoccupied with your immediate entertainment wants and personal pampering needs. However, over the coming year, you’ll shift your focus further afield, as you make some important decisions about your place in the wider world. Jupiter and Saturn will teach you that social responsibility and community involvement are just as important as individual priorities.


This week’s New Moon activates your domestic zone so it’s a good time to declutter and tweak the feng shui at home, support a family member or get stuck into a DIY project. Be clear and concise in the way you communicate with colleagues, clients or customers. And don’t be afraid to lead the way as you take on professional challenges. Your mantra for the moment is from birthday great, actress Bette Davis, “Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.”


Are you ready for a local adventure? This week’s New Moon sees curious Aquarians ricocheting off in diverse new directions. Which is exactly how it should be, as you explore and experiment to the max. And don’t worry about making messy (or embarrassing) mistakes along the way. Keep stretching your wings and trying new things! Be inspired by acting legend (and fellow Aquarian) Jack Lemmon “Failure won’t hurt you, but fear of failure will cripple you.”


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Expect a rather chaotic week, as nebulous Neptune squares Mars which will drain energy, curb motivation and confuse direction. Then the New Moon lights up your cash zone, which signals a fresh financial chapter. So the more proactive and informed you are about money matters, the better your fiscal future will be. Strong self-esteem is also a priority Pisces. Be inspired by birthday great, actress Kristen Stewart “I know who I am. I have a very strong sense of self.”

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