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Astrology and horoscope for December 24-30, 2018

By Team Pardaphash 
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ARIES [March 21-April 20]
Your bossy side could go into overdrive, as you barge in and take charge of everything. But perhaps it would be better to slow down, delegate and cooperate? With your ruler Mars moving through passive Pisces, it’s the perfect time to morph from a rowdy Ram into a gentle Lamb. So do your best to help family and friends relax and enjoy the holidays to the max! If you have to make an important decision, follow your gut instincts.

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TAURUS [April 21-May 21]
Taureans are in a terrific holiday mood. This week a relaxed approach is the key to successful preparations. If you plan carefully and prioritise, then you’ll get everything done without too much stress. But if you eat and drink too much rich food, then you’ll be a grumpy Bull by the end of the week. With proactive Mars moving through your hopes and wishes zone, it’s important to start dreaming big dreams for the year ahead.

GEMINI [May 22-June 21]
With a tricky Mercury/Neptune connection on Monday and Tuesday, communication chaos and confusion are likely. So a truck-load of tact is required, otherwise you could find yourself smack bang in the middle of a feisty family feud, as you blurt out the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. Plus make sure you’re pulling your weight (with domestic chores and family responsibilities) otherwise you’ll be in the bad books.

CANCER [June 22-July 23]
Clannish Crabs are the keepers of the family flame so aim to be enthusiastically proactive about gathering loved ones together over the holidays. But don’t labour under the delusion that you can handle everything on your own. Teamwork is the secret to a successful week for clever Cancers. The more helping hands there are on deck, the merrier the week will be. When choosing last-minute presents, look for gifts that are sentimental in some way.

LEO [July 24-Aug 23]
Leos love the luxuries of life but if you are too extravagant when purchasing presents this week, then you’ll pay the price in the New Year. So make sure you buy within your budget. Venus is visiting your domestic zone, so many Cats will host a family celebration at home. But do your best to avoid being disruptive on Tuesday when the Leo Moon lights up your fiery and dramatic streak. When in doubt, keep calm and carry on.

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VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]
Monday and Tuesday look rather chaotic, as Mercury and Neptune confuse communication or stir up sensitivities. So it will take your very best Virgo organisational skills to keep children entertained and family members under control. A calm and methodical approach is the best way to tackle your long to-do list. If you feel stressed, take ten long deep breaths and then continue. Snow, rain, hail or shine, the show must go on!

LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]
Party-loving Librans adore receiving presents, but you enjoy giving gifts even more! Just make sure you pace yourself when shopping. Then you’ll get everything done without feeling totally exhausted by the end of the week. Even though it’s the holiday season, strive to make your food choices as healthy as possible. 2019 will be a busy bumper year and you need to be in tip-top condition.

SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]
With Venus in your sign, you’re in a sociable mood. When it comes to last minute gift shopping, prioritise presents that are colourful and fun. But, if you spend more than you can comfortably afford, you’ll just end up with a heap of New Year debt. In order to avoid having a Scorpio stress snap, heed the wise words of birthday great Quentin Crisp “Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities, but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.”

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]
Have you left most of your gift shopping to the last minute … again? It’s time for speedy Sagittarians to get cracking and look for gorgeous last-minute gifts that stimulate the mind and activate the imagination. And do your best to avoid being vague and impatient when you’re communicating with loved ones. All is not as it appears so listen to others closely, and look beneath the surface meaning to decipher what’s really going on.

CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]
Avoid being overly controlling, as you rush around trying to organise everything (and everyone). Slow down and enjoy the festive spirit this week. You’re the wise old soul of the zodiac so it’s up to you to handle problems with stacks of Capricorn composure and style. Be smart enough to rise above silly family squabbles! Friday night is the perfect time to enjoy a deep and meaningful conversation with someone special.

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AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]
You’re in the mood to party! But confusing thoughts could cloud your judgment so enjoy the week, and leave important decision-making for another time. The planetary patterns highlight your helpful humanitarian side. So your motto for the week is from singer-songwriter-activist (and birthday great) Annie Lennox. “Ask yourself – ‘Have I been kind today?’ Make kindness your daily mantra and change your world.”

PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]
Mars is moving through your sign, which boosts your compassion, creativity and spirituality. So make sure you enjoy a special, magical and meaningful week with family and friends. Be inspired by fellow Piscean, Albert Einstein “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Attached Pisceans – plan something special with your sweetheart. Singles – it’s the perfect time to look for love online.


Joanne Madeline Moore has a special connection with India, as her grandfather was born in Lucknow. She has been a professional astrologer and writer for over 20 years. Her horoscope columns are currently published in over 40 newspapers and magazines (and on websites) in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. You can also read her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes (and her celebrity astrology blog) on her website at http://bohoastro.com/

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