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Atomic bomb survivor wants nuclear weapons ban

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Washington: A Japanese survivor of one of the only two nuclear attacks has appealed to world leaders to abandon the weapons of mass destruction and enact a comprehensive ban on their production, testing and possession.

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Kimura was 10 years old when the U.S. Air Force dropped the so-called “Fat Man” atomic bomb on her city of Nagasaki in August 1945.

As the world’s first nuclear power threatens to disarm the latest, Kimura urged all governments to outright ban such weapons.

“The bombing happened in an instant, but the survivors can never forget. I don’t want anyone in any country to experience the hardship that I and fellow survivors have endured,” she added.

Point to be noted here is that the U.S. does not recognize North Korea’s self-proclaimed right to develop and possess nuclear weapons for deterrence purposes and President Donald Trump has threatened to disarm the reclusive, militarized state by force. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, however, has overseen significant advances to his country’s nuclear and ballistic weapons program, vastly increasing the lethality of a potential strike against his country.

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North Korea also tested in two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in July, placing the U.S. mainland in North Korea’s missile trajectory for the first time.

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