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Atrocities by Russian troops continue in Ukraine; Bucha,on receiving end

By wasmulhaq 
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The fierce battle is continuing between Russia and Ukraine. In the midst of a fight, the atrocities of the Russian army have crossed all the barriers. Rape by Russian soldiers on Ukrainian women and girls is growing.

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In the latest incident, Ukrainian Member of Parliament Lesia Vasylenk took to Twitter on Monday to claim that Russian soldiers had raped girls as young as 10 years old.

The young girls suffered vaginal and rectal tears while women’s bodies with burns in the shape of hooked crosses had been found.

Lesia Vasylenk said that Russian troops were looting, raping, and killing people in Ukraine and referred to Russia as a “nation of immoral crimes”.

Russia-Ukraine conflict continues

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Russia has been attacking Ukraine since February 24. A huge number of civilians and soldiers died in the war, while four million people had to flee or be displaced.

Russia announced last week that it would move away from regions around the capital, Kiev, and focus on the eastern parts of Ukraine. In the wake of their retreat, they have left behind a shadow of destruction. In Ukraine’s Bucha, several bodies were lying strewn around the town.

Ukraine has accused Russia of committing war crimes, while Russia has denied and said all the allegations are baseless.

The roads that lead to Bucha are scattered with burnt infantry war vehicles and tanks that tell the story of severe battles fought for the control of Kiev, Irpin, and Bucha. Forces have been able to destroy Russian combat vehicles and force them to retreat, but for the locals, their plight is far from over.

Bucha, which is less than 60 km from Kiev, looks like a yard filled with bricks, mortar, and stones. Heavy Russian gunfire has crushed the once-bustling city.

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The people of Bucha have been living their lives without power, water, and gas supplies. Residents of the city are cooking in the open without knowing when the next air strike from Russia will hit.

Galina, a nurse, has been trapped inside a bunker for 40 days as missiles and rockets pounded the neighbourhood and her building. They had run out of food and water. Finally, she managed to flee on her bicycle with the army and reach Bucha. “I am just happy to be alive,” Galina told

Updates on Ukraine Russia war

Unclaimed bodies are scattered in Bucha. Atrocities committed by Russian forces on civilians are increasing. Survivors have no choice in the broken city.

Mass graves

According to the UN human rights mission, thousands of civilians have died in Mariupol since Russian forces laid siege to the city about a month ago.

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A dip was created due to an air strike by the Russian army that turned it into a huge grave where dead bodies were taken. In winter, the land freezes. In that situation, people can’t bury their near and dear ones. Hence, the air hollow became a temporary grave.

Burnt structures

The city of Mariupol is totally ruined and turned into debris. According to a spokesperson for the city’s mayor, 90 percent of buildings have been damaged.

Among them is a basement that was being used as the base for the Azov Battalion, a former terrorist group based in Mariupol that has now become part of the National Guard of Ukraine, as per Russian forces.

Nowhere to go

In the basement of a damaged building in Mariupol, a group of women and their babies live.

Everybody is falling ill, and it’s difficult to get food. It’s very difficult with a small baby. We have no telephone or way to contact anyone, “one woman said.”

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We want to live in peace in our homes. We all had jobs and homes, now we have nothing. We cannot leave Mariupol because we have nowhere else to go and no family members outside that can help us escape, “she added.

A woman named Christina said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re Russian or Ukrainian, nobody wants war. The leaders can not take money to their graves. They are surely sending people to their graves. “

Meanwhile, the sounds of gunfire and air strikes are continuing. People in Ukraine are living in a terrible situation. Anything could happen. Life is unsafe and people are helpless as to what to do.


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