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Attracting industries in UP through online database of land

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UP government is working overtime to attract industries to the state. To attain this objective, online database of land being prepared.

While similar sort of efforts have been done in the past as well, success was far away due to the difficulty in accessing details.

Yogi government needs to realize that industrialisation cannot be resolved in a matter of days or months, it takes years.

According to the sources, there is going to be a portal where not only details on on available land would be present but most importantly those interested can also apply for it after satisfying the eligibility criteria.

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Also in the agenda of UP government is a new industrial development policy for which a Group of Minister have taken into account policies of different states and have come up with a draft policy.

While the policy is still being framed, there is every likelihood that few of the incentives to new industrial units in UP would be given on the basis of number of people working on the units. In other words, those promising to employ more is going to get additional benefits.

As part of its 100 days achievement, UP Government is all set to sign an MoU with Samsung for its expansion plans in the state.

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