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August is here to take you by surprise! Read weekly horoscope for Aug 2-8

By Saima Siddiqui 
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August is here to take you by surprise! Read weekly horoscope for Aug 2-8


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Monday looks rather frustrating, as plans proceed slowly. The weekend New Moon highlights your friendship and happiness zone. So it’s a good week to catch up with good friends, either in person, online or on the phone. Just make sure you do something that makes your heart sing! Be inspired by actress/comedienne/producer (and birthday great) Lucille Ball, “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognise what makes you happy.”


The stars favour home and hearth, as the New Moon and Mercury highlight your domestic zone.  It’s a good time to clean and de-clutter your living space or tackle an overdue DIY project. Venus (your patron planet) links up with Uranus, so Bulls can expect a busy and bamboozling time. Expect some very short time lines. You don’t work well when others try to hurry you, so have the confidence to cruise at your preferred pace.


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Mercury and the New Moon activate your neighbourhood zone, so find fresh ways to connect with those around you (at home, at work or in your local community). Short trips and education are highlighted, plus expect plenty of phone calls, snail mail, texts, tweets and emails. You could also benefit financially from an innovative idea, a creative friend, a social media post or an online promotion. Use your Gemini versatility to venture into exciting new territory.


You’ve been talking about saving for something big (like a car, holiday, home deposit or renovations) for a while. With Mercury and the New Moon firing up your finance zone (and impulsive Uranus aspects), resist the urge to be extravagant with cash and careless with credit. In this uncertain pandemic climate, be a canny Crab who is cautious with money. Plus do an inventory on your inner wealth, as you nurture your self-esteem and consolidate your core values.


This week you could pivot professionally, fall in love very fast or lightning flashes of inspiration could suddenly strike. But make sure you communicate clearly or there’ll be some crazy chaos along the way. The New Moon and Mercury light up your sign so it’s a good time to initiate a pet project, refresh your physical appearance, review your personal beliefs or embark on a Covid appropriate adventure. Don’t just dream about it – get out there and do it!

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Have you been selling yourself short? Mercury (your ruler) links up with Saturn and Uranus, so stop being a critical fusspot who engages in negative self-talk and sabotages success. With Mars and Venus in your sign, it’s time to be the bold and beautiful Virgo you were born to be. Your motto is from birthday great, actress and producer Lucille Ball. “I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”


The fiery New Moon reignites a special dream that’s been languishing on the sidelines. Plus the lively Venus-Uranus link turbo charges creativity or speeds up a romantic connection. If you are stuck in a professional or relationship rut, don’t dwell on the negatives. It’s time to innovate and re-calibrate. Be inspired by Libran actress Kate Winslet, “The good and bad things are what form us as people. Change makes us grow.”


Tuesday’s Venus/Uranus trine brings a rush of energy and a fresh perspective to a stale romance or a floundering friendship. There’s no denying you’re a smart Scorpion but are you making the most of your cerebral talents? It’s time to don your thinking cap and give yourself a vigorous mental workout, connect with work mates and keep them up-to-date with your professional plans. When it comes to a friend or colleague, expect the unexpected!

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Be careful your spontaneous spirit doesn’t land you in unexpected trouble! You’re keen to communicate but, if you say the first thing on your mind (especially at work) then you could find yourself regretting your haste. With the New Moon and Mercury activating your adventure zone, you’re keen to head off on an overseas trip, an interstate interlude or a weekend getaway. But Covid is still causing travel and aviation chaos, so you’ll have to be super patient.


Monday is the most challenging day, when Saturn frustrates plans and stymies progress. Then the weekend New Moon stimulates your intrigue zone, so no secret is safe as you uncover clues and pick up on cues that other people miss. Be careful what you unearth because you could stir up issues from your own less-than-perfect past. Lust and loot also loom large, as you work through issues involving trust, intimacy, shared possessions or joint finances.


Aquarian author Lewis Carroll wrote “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” And that’s you this week … consistently inconsistent! Love, loyalty, cooperation and compromise are the New Moon buzz words, as one half of you wants to snuggle up close with someone special. While the other half longs to be footloose, fancy-free and spontaneously solo. Try to find the sweet spot between cosy companionship and invigorating independence.


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New Moon week is the ideal time to ditch bad daily habits and start afresh. Work, health, fitness and food choices are the main areas where you need to make some long overdue changes and adjustments – the sooner the better. Try to release pent up Piscean frustrations via a chat with a close confidante or a trusted family member. Spending some quality time with your favourite four-legged friend (in the great outdoors) will also help to lift your spirits.

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