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Be aware! Smelling food may result in weight gain

By Team Pardaphash 
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According to the information given through a research, just smelling food might give an invitation to a few kilos to your body. A recent study published last week by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley proves this fact. Among all the weird facts that exist, this one surely tops the list. You may want to take a detour on your way home to avoid any bakeries or pizza places, as part of your weight loss regime.

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A study published reveals that there could be a connection between the olfactory system and metabolism, which means that the sense of smell could actually determine how the body stores or burns fat. This was inferred from an experiment conducted on mice. Or at least it holds true for them. The experiment involved three groups of mice – one with a temporarily disabled sense of smell, one with a boosted sense of smell and the third with a normal sense of smell – that were fed the same ‘high-fat Burger King’ diet. The high-powered sniffers bloated to nearly twice their original size after the diet as opposed to the normal mice that just ended up gaining 10 percent more weight. The mice that lacked a sense of smell seemed to deflate in size – fat being the major cause of their weight loss.

The researchers further stated that, “even relatively short-term loss of smell improves metabolic health and weight loss, despite the negative consequences of being on a high-fat diet.”

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