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BB12: Ex- contestants Manu and Pritam spice up the last ‘Kaalkothri’ punishment

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Mumbai: Ahead of the finale week of Bigg Boss 12 there are few interesting twist and turns in the house. Every day the contestants are given one chance in any way to express as to why they should be the winner of the show. From famous radio jockey Malishka to former contestants Manu Punjabi and Pritam marked their presence in the house recently.

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The ‘Kaalkothri’ punishment in which the housemates are sent to jail according to their behaviour in the house but this time Manu and Pritam spiced things up by asking the contestants to choose three housemates for the jail punishment according to few statements given by Manu and Pritam.

Manu and Pritam enter the house in person to interact with the housemates. Pritam tells Sreesanth that he is playing very well. The duo talks to the contestants to pick up steam because only a few days are left for the grand finale.

Manu and Pritam have the power to save one of the shortlisted contestants for the Kalkotri punishment. They save Karanvir. Surbhi breaks down while telling that she has been receiving only negative feedback. Bigg Boss reminds her to only speak in Hindi but she continues to speak in English.

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