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Beat the summer heat with these 6 cool ways under the scorching sun

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Gone are the days when a hot summer day in the capital meant 30 degrees Celsius. When the sun is above, meteorologists expect temperatures of up to 49°C. The combination of global warming and city’s hostile climate has resulted in a tough summer for the capital’s people. While Lucknowites are well aware of the difficulties that peak summers bring, they are constantly on the lookout for innovative methods to escape the heat. In this post, we’ll go over a few strategies for dealing with a heat wave and staying cool in the sweltering heat.

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01-Here are some ways to beat the heat

A bright sunny day with pleasant temperatures is something that everyone enjoys. Even people who look forward to summer agree that heat waves may be quite unpleasant. Everything appears to be good until you have to stay indoors.

Stepping outside on a hot summer day might be difficult. Sweat and heat may quickly dehydrate you and make you feel sluggish. Here are six summer hot techniques to help you stay cool.

02- Stay hydrated

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The fundamental guideline for surviving the summer heat is to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps to keep the fluid balance in your body, which is quickly lost via sweat. Every individual should drink 2 litres of water every day, regardless of the weather. Summertime necessitates a little more effort due to the rapid loss of water from the body. Juice, coconut water, and hydrating fruits are all good options.

03- Take a lukewarm shower

In hot weather, taking a cold shower may seem calming and soothing, but experts claim that it really makes you feel hotter. This is because your body needs to work harder to warm up after a cold shower. Warm water, according to studies, cools your bloodstream. As a result, choosing it is the superior option.

04- Avoid tea and coffee

Caffeine and nicotine can raise the body’s core temperature as well. They constrict blood vessels, making you feel hot and sweaty as the blood heats. Cool beverages such as coconut water, lemon water, and fruit juices are recommended. Even extreme alcohol consumption should be avoided.

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05- Eat light meals

In addition to generating heat in the body, eating large meals might make you feel uneasy. Your body needs to work harder to digest and metabolise food after a hefty meal. As a result, your core temperature rises, and you get hot and drowsy. In the summer, eat light, freshly prepared meals. Reduce your intake of processed foods and salty meals.

06- Cool your toes

Cooling your toes is a simple approach to reduce your body temperature if you’re feeling too hot. Putting damp clothing on and immersing your feet in cool water for a few minutes will help you relax and chill off. You can also wear damp socks for a short period of time.

07- Wear loose and appropriate clothing

Wearing dark-colored, tight-fitting clothing might make you sweat more. Choose loose, light-colored cotton clothing if you want to keep cool and avoid excessive perspiration. When you wear heavy clothing, your sweat does not evaporate. Dark colours also absorb more light wavelengths, making you feel hotter.

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08- Make everything mintier

Mint varieties have the ability to provide an appearance of coolness even when the surroundings are blazing hot. It’s a good idea to consume mints after meals, buy a mint-scented air freshener, put mint leaves in your water, and even use peppermint essential oil on your body after a cold shower.

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