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Beware! This dangerous thing may happen at 10pm on Christmas Eve!

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Finally the Christmas month has started in other words the party month has begun but there have been reports doing round to corner according to the information given by the experts, the risk of heart attack will be at its peak as soon as the clock strikes 10 in the night on Christmas eve because of the stress, sadness and over-indulgence during the festive season can be deadly.

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On an average day, 50 heart attacks were recorded, but on Christmas Eve the number jumped to 69, a 37 per cent increase, with incidents clustering around 10pm, after a day of coping with relatives, eating and drinking too much.

Sweden has its main Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve suggesting that in Britain the danger zone is more likely to be at 10pm on Christmas Day.

The risk of suffering a heart attack also rises by 22 per cent on Boxing Day. Winston Churchill is said to have suffered a heart attack on December 26 in 1941 while opening a window at the White House following a speech to congress.

However, New Years’ Eve, which is usually considered to be the main day of New Years’ celebrations, had no associated risk, possibly because symptoms of a heart attack were masked by alcohol, the researchers say.

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Instead the risk was 20 per cent higher on New Year’s Day, which researchers speculate could be brought on by the after effects of too much alcohol and food, exposure to cold temperatures at night, or sleep deprivation

Dr David Erlinge, Department of Cardiology, Clinical Sciences, Lund University, said: “The main findings in our study were that traditional holidays were associated with the risk of heart attack.

“The peak is very pronounced exactly on Christmas Eve and the following two days, so, I think it is something specific for the way we celebrate these holidays.

“We do not know for sure but emotional distress with acute experience of anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, and stress increases the risk of a heart attack. Excessive food intake, alcohol, long distance travelling may also increase the risk.

“Interestingly, the pattern of increased risk in the morning which dominates the rest of the year was reversed at Christmas, with an increased risk in the evening, indicating that the stress and eating during the day triggered the heart attacks.

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“People could avoid unnecessary stress, take care of elderly relatives with risk of heart problems and avoid excessive eating and drinking.”

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