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BJP spent a sum exceeding Rs 209 crore for the 2022 Gujarat Assembly elections: Report

The party's primary election expenditure report, submitted on July 15, revealed that this amount was utilized for both general party propaganda and the financial support of candidates.

By Rekha Joshi 
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New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has maintained its grip on power in the state of Gujarat for a period spanning over 25 years, has disclosed intriguing financial figures regarding its involvement in the 2022 state assembly elections. According to comprehensive details furnished by the party to the Election Commission, the BJP expended an impressive sum exceeding ₹209 crore.

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This financial disclosure was made available to the public via the Election Commission’s release of an expenditure report on a recent Thursday.

The primary election expenditure report submitted by the BJP on July 15 sheds light on how this substantial sum was utilized. The party’s spending of ₹209.97 crore encompassed two key areas: general party propaganda and financial support provided to candidates who were contesting in the elections.

It is noteworthy that the BJP emerged triumphant and regained its position of authority in Gujarat in the elections that transpired in December of the previous year. This victory was marked by a significant margin of support from the electorate.

A breakdown of the expenditure reveals a few noteworthy allocations. The BJP disbursed nearly ₹41 crore to candidates participating in the electoral fray, thereby facilitating their campaigns and activities. Additionally, an expenditure of over ₹15 crore was directed towards travel-related costs, which included the utilization of aircraft and helicopters for party-related travel during the election period.

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Furthermore, the party allocated a substantial portion of its expenditure, approximately ₹160.62 crore, for the domain of general party propaganda. This encompasses various activities aimed at promoting the party’s agenda, messaging, and campaigns to engage with the electorate and convey its vision and policies.

In conclusion, the BJP’s intricate financial allocation during the 2022 Gujarat state assembly elections showcases the substantial resources dedicated to various aspects of the electoral process, ranging from candidate support and travel logistics to comprehensive party-wide propaganda efforts. This financial transparency provides insights into the strategies and priorities employed by the BJP during the crucial electoral event.

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