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Brawl takes place on road between Delhi traffic cop and woman; she accuses him of highhandedness

By wasmulhaq 
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New Delhi: Brawls between police and the public always erupt. The same case was repeated again on Delhi’s road. A skirmish took place between a traffic cop and a woman today, which took an ugly turn.

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A mob beat a traffic policeman today. The crowd alleged that the traffic cop physically assaulted a woman. But the cop sings a different song. He tried to stop her scooter from travelling on the wrong side of the road. Police say the woman turned furious when asked to remove her scooter from the road. She allegedly fell down during the tussle. Passersby took note and started beating up the cop, chasing them down the road.

A traffic inspector went to clear morning congestion on a Delhi road at 10 o’clock in the morning. He tried to stop the scooter, in which three people were travelling. When the traffic police stopped them, the woman got angry and a heated argument started. She hit the cop, which escalated the fight.

A video of the incident reveals that the woman accused the traffic inspector of having taken away his keys to her scooter. Two women and a man are seen assaulting a cop, who wanted to flee but they chased him.

The identification of the traffic police has been made as Rajendra Prasad. Police say, as per the information they received, two women and a man were travelling on the wrong side of the road and were not wearing their helmets. When traffic inspector Rajendra Prasad called for a crane to pull away the scooter, this angered the woman, and the matter turned horrible. The police have registered an FIR.

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