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British PM Liz Truss resigns in just 6 weeks, Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson once again in the race

Britain Political Crisis: British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned amid falling pound and rising inflation against the dollar. After this the discussion started that who will be the next PM?

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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London: Just 45 days, erroneous economic decisions and resignations of important warlords summed up Liz Truss’s innings in the British Prime Minister’s chair. Truss will remain the caretaker PM for the time being until the new Prime Minister takes office, but her announcement has deepened the political crisis for Britain, which is battling the rapidly rising winter and skyrocketing gas prices.

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Announcing her resignation, Liz Truss admitted that she is not capable of fulfilling her mandate and that is why she is resigning. At the same time, he also announced that, in the next one week, the Conservative Party will elect a new leader. However, in the meantime, the opposition Labor Party has demanded immediate elections, calling it a shameful situation.

From the strong claim of Rishi Sunak, who finished second to Liz Truss in the Conservative Party, to the return of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the post of PM once again, every possibility is being talked about. Anyway, Truss is considered close to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The internal election exercise by October 28 will clear the picture on the election of the leader, but it is certain that the UK government and its treasury appear to be standing in a more vulnerable position after two months.

Truss, returning with the title of resigning after fulfilling the responsibility of Britain’s shortest PM, had said in Parliament just a day earlier that she was a warrior and would not resign, but the picture changed in just 24 hours. He had to announce his resignation in front of media cameras outside the official residence of 10 Downing Street.

Liz Truss Quits as UK PM: Here are Key Updates
-Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday resigned as the Conservative Party leader saying she can no longer deliver the mandate.

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-The 47-year-old outgoing prime minister will stay in charge until her successor is elected by the governing Tory party, with a speeded-up leadership election to be completed by next week.

-Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to enter the contest to choose a Conservative Party leader to replace Liz Truss.

-Johnson was forced to step down as PM earlier this year over allegations of Covid-19 lockdown violations, following which Liz Truss took over.

-Rishi Sunak, is also seen as a possible frontrunner in that race but a consensus within a divided Tory party remains elusive, with the Opposition Labour Party renewing calls for an immediate general election.

-Liz’s resignation comes a day after Home Secretary Braverman’s explosive exit from the Cabinet after admitting a breach of the ministerial code by discussing government policy in private emails and a scathing parting attack on her boss.

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