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Buy these things on Dhanteras for a prosperous year ahead!

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Seeing hustle bustle in the market have become a common thing these days at any time of the day and this huge crowd clearly give the vibes of upcoming festivals. India is known to be a country of festivals, cultures, religion and here we tend to celebrate Diwali as a important festival which is not only celebrated on one day but it is a matter of one entire week.

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Diwali week start off with Dhanteras which will fall on 5th November this year but like every year if you still have no idea of what to buy for a prosperous year ahead then here is something that can help you clear your doubt.

First and foremost thing to add in your cart this Dhanteras should definitely be utensils but buying sliver and brass utensils is said to be lucky and prosperous while place the utensils in the east direction of the house.

Grab electronic appliances during this day because Dhanteras is considered to be the best day for buying any electronic appliance like oven, laptop, computer, refrigerator etc.

Buying broom on this day is good while it is definitely sounding weird but the logic behind buying broom on Dhanteras is it signifies sweeping out of poverty and misery from the house.

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As known by many buying a gold coin with goddess Laxmi engraved on it is considered holy and a symbol of inviting the goddess in your house.

For lifelong health and prosperity, you should also buy 11 Gomti Chakras and wrap them in a yellow cloth and keep it in your safe or locker on Dhanteras.

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