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Casual dresses you need to mark your fashion statement this summer

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date

Lucknow: As summer is in full swing, the scorching sun has made for a very fashionable start to the season. Considering the events of this season and foreseeing lots of fascinating reasons and opportunities to get dressed up, here are few ideas to flawlessly mix traditional style with lasting power and interesting seasonal trends that inspire us for a little summer clothing.

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1. Cute spring outfits: Floral silk shirt with sneakers and a short skirt

This is the ideal attire to wear now that spring has sprung and flowers are blooming everywhere. Why oppose a strong trend like floral for this year?

There’s little doubt that you’ll feel comfortable and cool in this outfit, which has a casual vibe while yet looking attractive. This flowery shirt looks great with sneakers and may be worn to work or on a ladies’ shopping trip.

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When it comes to fabrics, we choose silk over polyester since it has a more natural appearance and allows your skin to breathe, which adds to your comfort while wearing it.

This specific outfit is adaptable, one-of-a-kind, and fashionable. So there’s no doubt that wearing this attire will turn heads everywhere you go.

Simply replace your sneakers with a pair of relatively beautiful dress shoes, and you’re ready to go. This dress would be ideal for a romantic date or a relaxed family supper.

2. Spring outfits for women: Brightly colored blouses with denim skirts and sneakers

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Because spring is all about flowers and being bright and colourful, it’s no surprise that bright clothing never go out of style, regardless of the year.

Take a look at the following example of a combination:

  • A bright orange blouse
  • Deep blue denim skirt
  • A pair of plain white sneakers
  • A floral-themed purse

This is one of the most vibrant ensembles we’ve seen, especially because the deep blue mixes so well with orange to produce a more complicated tone that yet fits in with our fashion ambitions for this year.

The contrast between the two hues is, indeed, the key to this outfit’s success. If you want to get a similar look but don’t like orange or blue, try red and green, or purple and yellow.

3. Casual spring outfit ideas in Parisian style with striped blouse and ripped jeans

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This Parisian-inspired ensemble is perfect for relaxing on a patio with a good cup of coffee and a good book. You may even wear it after work to chill with friends over nice cuisine at an outdoor café.

Because torn jeans and striped blouses are constantly in style, we recommend wearing them together.

To finish the appearance, you won’t need any jewellery or accessories. If you must, a pair of cat-eye spectacles and a black beret can help you achieve the classic French style.

4. Cute spring outfits: Veiled shirt with jeans and white sneakers

This clothing communicates to the rest of the world that you are attractive and outgoing. It’s perfect for spring since it’s comfy and looks beautiful enough to make you feel like a total bombshell without putting in too much effort (because we all know how hard it is to look good sometimes).

In terms of materials, we recommend sticking to an enormous shirt like the one seen above. You may also wear it with torn jeans because this is a great combo, especially for city people.

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Wearing white sneakers as shoes would give freshness and youthfulness to the ensemble while also making it more relaxed.

This year’s colour trend is pastels. And the light blue hue of the clothing, along with the white shoes and cap, will make you look like a sunny day’s clear sky.

5. Spring break outfits: Pastel trenchcoat with cargo pants and sneakers

Large trenchcoats have long been fashionable in the spring. They’re light, airy, and may even be used as outerwear.

Add a pair of cargo trousers, pastel-colored sneakers, and a bag to hold your phone if you don’t want to carry it in your hands.

We love how this ensemble is both stylish and functional — perfect for when the weather calls for an enormous trenchcoat all year long.

Because pastels and whites have traditionally been the go-to selections, the lack of colour wiggle space will limit your capacity to pull off this ensemble.

If you want to add some colour, we recommend a bright-red trenchcoat, as long as you wear it with the proper shoes.

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