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CAT 2018 Experts Advice: What must candidates do 10 days ahead of the exam?

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Common Aptitude Test (CAT) is one of the primary examinations which attracts a large
number of followers. The candidates who are interested to do their MBA, they often target to
clear CAT Cut-off and become a top scorer. So, from this, it is pretty obvious that CAT is the
gateway to the A-class management colleges and universities in India. Have you heard about
the renowned IIMs? You can probably end up being in any one of the famous IIMs across
India if you get a good rank in CAT next year. 

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It is obvious that there are a large number of competitive examinations as well apart from
CAT which act as a similar gateway to the management spectrum but the prestige which
CAT possesses, it is close to impossible to give the similar position to any other competitive

How can you prepare for the CAT?

There are a number of organizations or coaching centers which offer crash courses for CAT
and similar examinations. You need to first chalk down the fact whether you are interested to
join any such center or you will prefer to self-mentor your preparation style. Both the aspects
contain its own pros and cons, but when it is your life, you need to decide which option you
are going to cling towards. 

However, whichever option you are choosing to go ahead with, you need to be sure that you
are doing the best job from your end. You must ensure that you are leaving no stones
unturned towards making your academic preparation a success. Now, the question arises what
you should do before 10 days of the examination.

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A lot of people will say that it is better to rest and not pressurize yourself much in terms of academic preparation. But for most of the people, it is true that they will prefer to focus on the last-minute preparation as well. This article is a proper user guide of how you can enhance your preparations in the last 10 days of the examination.

The 10-day tip:

One important thing to consider while preparing for CAT is that you need to have a rough
idea about the CAT Cut-off, otherwise, your preparation will gain no benefit out of it. This
section does not imply that you should study during the last 10 days but you should prepare

The expert tip for the last 10 days are mentioned below in details:

1. Do not learn any new tricks: It is better to not learn any new formula or trick during the last 10 days. During this time, it is better to prepare around whatever you have learnt since so many days, and it is better to polish your knowledge around that. Obviously, it is recommended that you should shape your preparation around the CAT Cut-off, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to figure out what is important for you and what is not. 

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2. Focus more on mock tests: Mock tests and special focus on them will help you to understand the trend of the examination. All the mock tests suggest you to focus more on CAT Cut-off, and the questions are also framed in such a manner which will help you to focus on the right path. 

3. Practice speed reading: You must be thinking that this is a mild issue but this is important. Speed reading is necessary to ensure that you manage time properly in your examination. If you are not able to clear the CAT Cut-off in time, it will be a problem for you only.

4. Take care of yourself: This is perhaps the most important mantra which you should adopt during the examination. It is obvious that crossing CAT Cut-off is important but taking care of yourself
in terms of your health is also important. Enough sleep and nutritious food is a must during
this period, because if you do not go there with a clear mind, there are lesser chances you will
stand out of the crowd in crossing the CAT Cut-off.

CAT is knocking your door steps. It is high time you strategic everything regarding your
preparation and after that, it will be easier for you to figure out your path to success.

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