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How to hide belly fat? Choose your outfit wisely!

One of the basic problems of people nowadays is the increasing belly fat which is not only an issue but also calls for various diseases. There are several reasons behind tummy fat but the basic reason can be pregnancy and middle age. There are measures that can be taken to


Follow these easy tips to apply perfect eyeliner!

It is rightly said that eyes speak a different language, being one of the most expressive part of the body. Do you want to look happening and beautiful? Well, then you must know the secret of applying perfect eyeliner. While you wear makeup, applying eyeliner in a bold and classy


Love nail paints? 10 trending dazzling colours you must try| SEE PICS

Do you often pair your dress with dangling earrings and neckpieces in order to enhance your look? Why don’t you give a thought of frequently changing your hands with trending dazzling nail colours as per your outfit? The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to give your hands a new


Girls take note, here are 5 trending rugged pattern jeans!

When we talk about clothes for girls there is no one who could explain the types of clothes which are trending for girls. It will not be wrong to say that girls are obsessed with shopping be it clothes, accessories, make-up products or footwear. Well, every one of us love


Are you a lipstick lover? Here are top 5 trending lip colour!

Girls are obsessed with lipsticks and the different shades that give them a perfect look on any occasion. Believe it or not but your face looks incomplete without a lip color after getting ready for a party or any special occasion. We tend to make a collection of different shades