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CBI Arrests Four Railway Officials in Bribery Cases

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has apprehended four Railway officials in connection with two separate bribery cases, with two of them caught red-handed while accepting bribes.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
CBI Arrests Four Railway Officials in Bribery Cases

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has made significant arrests in two separate bribery cases involving four Railway officials. Two of the accused were apprehended while in the act of accepting bribes, highlighting the agency’s ongoing efforts to curb corruption within the railway sector.

South Central Railway, Tirupati

The first case involves a Senior Section Engineer (SSE) from the South Central Railway, Tirupati, who allegedly demanded a bribe to expedite the clearance of pending bills related to a tender for installing a power supply system. The accused, along with others, reportedly harassed the complainant for bribes during the bill processing. The situation escalated when the demand was not met, leading to increased harassment. The accused SSE was caught red-handed accepting a bribe after negotiations, with the involvement of an Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer (ADEE) also coming to light during the investigation.

Central Railway, Sanpada

In the second case, an SSE from Sanpada, Central Railway, allegedly demanded a bribe from a Delhi-based complainant for passing a pending bill. The accused purportedly asked for a commission to be transferred via Paytm through a middleman. Following the complainant’s supply order in August 2023, the bill remained unpaid despite material delivery in October 2023. The CBI intervened and arrested the middleman before apprehending the accused SSE.

Ongoing Investigations

The CBI has initiated searches at the premises of the accused individuals as part of its ongoing investigations into both cases. The arrests underscore the agency’s commitment to combat corruption within the railway system, ensuring accountability and transparency in administrative processes.

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