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Chhath Puja 2018: Unknown facts about the festival

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So what if Diwali has passed by so soon festive season still not over as one of the widely celebrated festival each year by the people of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Chhath Puja is next on cards. This year Chhath will be celebrated on 11th November 2018 in our country.

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While many people do not know the importance, significance and the reason behind celebrating Chhath Puja, there are few unknown and interesting facts about the festival.

This is very antique festival of the Hindu religion, which is dedicated to the God of energy, also known as Surya or Surya Shashti. People celebrate this festival to offer thanks to the Lord Surya for blessing the life on the earth as ever.

It is believed that worshiper of the Chhath take holy bath and follows a period of abstinence and become separate for 4 days from the main family.

Throughout the period he is believed as the pure spirit and sleep on the floor having single blanket.

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There is a normal belief that once a family begins Chhatt Puja, it has to perform it yearly as well as pass it to his next generations and it can only be skipped when there is a death of any person in the family that year.

Devotees offer prasad to Sun and mostly they are sweets, Kheer, Thekua and fruits included in a small bamboo tokari.

The prasad should be cooked without salt, onions or garlic with maintained purity. It is a four days festival which includes:

On the first day devotees take bathe early in the morning in the holy water of Ganga and bring some water to their home to prepare the offerings.

The home and its surroundings should be cleaned at this day. They only take food made of ghee without onion and ginger-garlic.

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On the second day (the day before Chhath) Panchami, devotees fast for whole day and break their fast in the evening after sunset after the worship of earth.

They offer Rasiao-kheer, puris, fruits in the puja. After taking meal in the evening, they go on a fast without water for the next 36 hours.

On the third day (day of Chhath) they offer the Sanjhiya Arghya at the ghat of riverbank. After Arghya, they wear the saree of turmeric color. Other family members wait to get the blessings from worshipper.

On the early morning of the fourth day (Paarun), devotees along with their family and friends offer Bihaniya Aragh at the riverbank.

Devotees end their festival through breaking the fast by having the Chhath prashad.

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