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Chidambaram takes a swift swipe on Centre’s single day vaccination ‘record’

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Chidambaram takes a swift swipe on Centre’s single day vaccination ‘record’

New Delhi: Congress veteran leader, P Chidambaram in his searing takedown against ruling BJP explained a three-step working order behind the centre’s “record” vaccinations in a day, alleging that the government hoard on Sunday, vaccinate on Monday and go back limping on Tuesday.

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Vaccination figures across the country tanked to 54.22 lakh on Tuesday after Monday’s record 88 lakh, throwing up questions on whether such large scale vaccination is sustainable even as the centre has promised to vaccinate all by December-end.

“Hoard on Sunday, vaccinate on Monday, and go back to limping on Tuesday. That is the secret behind the world “record” of vaccinations on a “single day”,” tweeted P Chidambaram.

He went on with his disparaging comments adding that this “feat” is likely to find a mention in the Guinness book of records. Not stopping there, he then gave a makeover to the BJP’s 2019 election slogan “Modi hai, Mumkin hai (If Modi is there, everything is possible)”.

“I am sure the “feat” will find a place in the Guinness book of records! Who knows, there may be a Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to the Modi government. ‘Modi Hai, Mumkin Hai’ must now read ‘Modi Hai, Miracle Hai’,” Mr Chidambaram added.

The trouble spot appeared to be supply and there were allegations that some states, including Madhya Pradesh, had hoarded vaccine doses for days to achieve ‘Magic Monday’. Of the top 10 states which administered the most doses, seven happen to have BJP governments.

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To meet the centre’s target of fully vaccinating all adults by the end of this year, 97 lakh vaccinations need to be carried out per day. The current supply situation raises questions on whether the target will be met.

The government claims it has the capacity to store and administer the daily required number of vaccines.

Notably, the drop in vaccination figures come even as the government declared the Delta plus variant, a new mutant version of the Delta strain first detected in India, to be a ‘variant of concern’.

At a time India is emerging from the deadly second wave of Covid and cases have dropped, there are over 40 cases in the country of the Delta Plus variant. Yesterday, the government sent a warning to Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh on Delta Plus cases found there.

A ‘variant of concern’ tag carries the highest threat perception of a Covid-19 variant, marked by increased transmissibility or resistance to vaccines, while a variant of interest is a degree lower.

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